AML Passport & Visa Services Becomes The Best Passport Expediter in NYC

The New York Expedited Passport and Passport renewal service offer the quickest way to get a passport and visa renewed. Since being launched, they have become the leader in their field. With a service that can provide a passport renewal service within 24-hours, they have become the fastest passport renewal service in New York.


AML Passport & Visa Services in New York has become a leader in expedient and passport and visa services. The company which provides the easiest, safest, fastest and most efficient way to renew a passport has dealt with more applications over the past 12-months than in any other period.

Thanks to AML Passport & Visa Services, people in New York are now turning their backs on the traditional way to renew a passport. Instead of going to the post office, and sending their application off through U.S. mail, and waiting 6-8 weeks for their new passport, more people are now using the services of AML Passport & Visa Services to get their passport renewed quicker.

The New York Passport & Visa Service based at 1441 Broadway 6th floor, New York. NY 10018 has an experienced and friendly team that is committed to processing passport and visa applications in the shortest time possible. With their fast service which also includes a 24-hour turnaround, customers don’t have to worry about missing out on a vacation.

When asked why AML Passport & Visa Services have become the most recommended service in New York, a spokesman replied: “We pride ourselves in providing a fast and efficient passport and visa renewal service. With our expert team, we can provide the service that people want and need.”

The service is easy to use. Those needing travel documents can visit the website ( and choose if they require a passport or a visa. The required documents can then be mailed to AML or an appointment can be made to visit the office. Once AML has the documents, they will then begin the expediting process. Once the visa or passport has been approved it will then be sent straight back to the customer.

AML Passport & Visa Services who continue to receive positive reviews for their service are helping to remove the stress of applying and gaining travel documents for international travel.

To learn more about their service, and to see why they have become the most recommended New York passport renewal service, please visit

About AML Passport and Visa Service

AML Passport and Visa Service of New York can assist in replacing a lost or stolen passport, or a child’s first passport. Their expert team makes passport renewals in New York secure and economical. They also provide same-day passports depending on your needs.

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