An Email Location Service Has Been Launched That Will Benefit Marketing Professionals – MailRaider


MailRaider is an email location B2B tool that will locate email addresses even if they are hidden. It is more powerful than the competition due to it being a live email collection tool and having four search mechanisms.


One of the most powerful lead generation tools has been launched in Beta version. MailRaider is a new comprehensive email finder that gathers emails for marketing purposes. During the testing stages of MailRaider, it was shown to be more powerful than the competition and collects more emails due to the different search mechanisms in place.


Collecting email addresses for marketing purposes is very important. However, as marketing professionals have found, it can be difficult. A lot of companies hide their email contact details which results in marketing professionals relying on purchasing email marketing lists which could be out of date. Now, thanks to MailRaider, marketing professionals no longer must waste their time or money.


The new B2B tool is more powerful than anything on the market. There are many aspects to this new B2B tool that makes it stand out from the competition. The first major difference between MailRaider and other email location tools is, MailRaider is a live email collection tool. That means, it is not loaded with a database that could be out of date. Instead, it is a live tool and searches for email addresses that are used in real-time. Another major positive for this new tool is it has four different search mechanisms which mean it collects email addresses even if they are hidden. Thanks to the four different search mechanisms, it has a higher success rate of providing email addresses.


The powerful and successful email collector has already gained huge attention in the business community. It is very easy to use and can locate email addresses within seconds.


When asked what MailRaider can be used for, a spokesman for the company replied: “MailRaider can be used by marketing agencies to contact prospect customers, sales teams, information websites for enriching their listings with email addresses.”


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About MailRaider

MailRaider is an email collection tool that allows salespeople and marketing professionals to locate email addresses easily and quickly.