With the pandemic growing in some places and no cure in sight, there might well be a solution that is being overlooked.

Recently I ran across a documentary film about an Indian doctor, Dr. Apparao Peddapalli, called “An Inflammatory Approach”.

This film is about the unique work of Apparao, an immunologist by profession, who has developed a treatment for inflammatory diseases. He has successfully used his treatment on patients for the past thirty years.

What caught my attention most about the film was that his approach focuses on curing inflammatory diseases that lead to pneumonia and other respiratory related diseases. He has developed a theory relating to how and why the body’s immune system ignites a cyclical pattern of overreaction that causes illnesses. He calls it “Rao’s Vicious Cycle”.  According to the film, the treatment is simple and affordable for people living in India.

These seem to be very similar to the pulmonary infections that people suffering from CoVid19 exhibit.

As recently as three months ago he held a successful three-day conference in Andhra Pradesh, India, and from their online response, people in attendance seemed very pleased with the result.

Naturally I wanted to know why no one was looking to Dr. Apparao and asking him to become involved in the process for helping to treat COVID19.

Here is the rub, because he is not a part of nor officially recognized by the Big Pharma, he is out of the loop. It’s as simple as that.

Interestingly enough, in the film Apparao doesn’t say that his method is foolproof or even the best approach for what he is doing, he simply states that he has achieved a level of success with his approach and would like to work with the establishment, be it hospitals or pharmaceutical companies in the interest of helping to explore what he has been doing and why it has been successful.

In these trying times of the COVID19 pandemic, when we do not a have a cure or even a treatment that we know works, my question is: what does the public have to lose by trying something new and different?

Governments around the world have a responsibility to the public to at least look into things that might prove helpful.

Sometimes stepping outside of the box can be the answer, especially when the main road being traveled by the establishment is not yet offering concrete results.

Therefore I appeal to the public to get behind this effort of Dr. Apparao and at least allow him to present his theory as a possible approach that might help stop suffering and save lives.

The 51 minute documentary film is called “An Inflammatory Approach”, by director/producer Teddy Hayes, and can be bought on Amazon or streamed from Gaia streaming service. Distributed by Dreamscape Media.

See the film, and then write to your political representatives and ask them to see the film and then move to the next stage to allow Apparao to make some suggestions that might save lives.