Producer Mark Damon, whose credits include “2 Guns” and “Lone Survivor” optioned the rights for the hero war story “Angels in The Sky” which will be developed as a high-end episodic series.


Damon, the co-head of DCR Finance Fund and Foresight Unlimited, will Executive Produce with DCR Finance Fund as primary financial backer. Damon will produce with former Paramount Pictures executives Mike Flint, Jerry Meadors, and Hanna Griffiths along with Mark Lansky, an investment specialist. Foresight and DCR has started launching foreign sales. Peter Dekom is the project’s legal consultant.


Based on book that went to no.1 on Amazon, written by NY Times best selling author Bob Gandt, dramatizes the 1948 conflict in the Middle East immediately after the state of Israel was formed. The pilots came from the U.S, Canada, Australia, Britain, France and South Africa in defiance of their country’s laws.


“It is a spiritual story about humanity. The self sacrifice, bravery and extraordinary obstacles that these men overcame while in alignment with a higher purpose raises human consciousness. This is the gift of storytelling to move and uplift audiences. These characters are larger than life, even the planes have personalities of their own. The book “Angels in the Sky” is a masterpiece and a true hero story” – Hanna Griffiths  


Get your copy: http://angelsintheskythemovie.com/the-book/