Antonio Henry Moving and Delivery Services LLC, is trending Highly across the Florida regions


Owner Antonio Henry was interviewed with Business News Media this morning about His Moving Business and how’s it’s starting to become so popular. He replied saying, “Sometimes the name before the moving can make things more recognizable when you start making yourself as a priority.

People loves good people and when individuals ask for moving companies my name has been recommended 47 times in the month of June, and I was Blessed to complete 44 of the 47 recommendations Champ”. Antonio then went on how he’s wanting to become a communist in the year 2022 in His birth town of Arcadia Florida. “I’m also a Music Hip Hop Artist, but I want to be a different impact in my hometown. It’s individuals that really needs a different kind of help that’s being overlook and my goal for 2022 is to become a communist and bring a different help to our community.

This will also be my way of giving back”. Antonio is also a single Father with full custody of His Son Treshaun Henry, along with two Daughters, Alani and Khaliya Henry. Antonio explained to us that when he’s not physically moving someone He’s then travels over 150 miles promoting His Moving Company to real estate businesses and storages corporations. His goal is to locate His Moving Business into three locations in the State of Florida before branching out locations into the other 47 States. His final words before leaving,

“To whomever you are, do not give up on yourself no matter what. Fight for what you want for your future and your children future. You got this Champ”. We will keep following up with Antonio Henry Moving and Delivery Services LLC