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Arana Proudly Contributes to Help Realize the Vision for Dina Bandman Interiors at SF Decorator Showcase 2023

Dina Bandman Goldstone’s ethereal, iconic re-visioning of a breakfast room (De Dejeuner a Dessert) is a hit among a house full of winning designs at this year’s San Francisco Decorator Showcase. Featured in a number of articles about the event, including in SFGate, Nob Hill Gazette, and California Home + Design, her French-flavored tea-and-mahjong-erie exists because of Goldstone’s genius creativity, which is supported by trusted vendors and subcontractors, including Arana.

“We needed someone on short notice, and Arana was more than willing to jump into the SF Showcase chaos,” Dina says. “Per usual, just when I thought everything was under control,  something required immediate attention and problem solving, like a need to move a j-box and touch up on paint within hours before the photographer was supposed to arrive. Despite the last minute nature of our requests, Arana showed up and handled each situation without complaint.”

Attending to the needs of the room involved several processes: painting the ceiling, moldings, and window frames as well as doing the prep work, applying primer, for hanging the hand-painted silk wallpaper. 


“The room is just exquisite!” Catherine Baldi, Arana Principal, exclaims. “This is one of my favorite aspects of my job, helping brilliant designers like Dina realize their visions for their clients and projects. The fact that our work in this situation supports a charitable cause also aligns with Arana’s mission of investing in communities. There are so many wins here.”


The Details:

Color Inspiration: Farrow & Ball Pointing – No. 2003

Materials: Benjamin Moore products

Trim: Semi-Gloss

Ceiling: High-Gloss

Dina Bandman Interiors:

Arana Craftsman Painters:

SF Decorator Showcase:



“Two Interior Designers On What it Takes to Create Rooms for the 2023 San Francisco Decorator Showcase,” Nob Hill Gazette:

“Preview the 2023 Decorator Showcase,” California Home + Design:


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