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Why are there so many serial daters, divorces, parent/child episodes, and relationship drama resulting in less than satisfactory bonds? One reason is psychology secrets. Therapists and diagnosticians don’t always tell you what is truly wrong with you. Also, the lack of accurate dual diagnosis diagnosticians in the mental health field leaves one patched up and not fixed for good. Understanding your personality disorder challenges is essential to understanding how to declutter your relationship strategies. Next is the use of impeding and non-assertive language, and not acknowledging, naming, and sharing feelings, and the lack of focus on an ideal lifestyle, and rather living a mundane one.


Improving relationships is an essential and healthy aspect of having a closer bond with yourself and other people. Relationship remedies created by Marla Stone, MSW provide a fresh perspective on improving relationships, leading to a more fulfilled life. The strategy’s Stone has created focuses on all kinds of associations, such as the relationship with yourself, your partner, parent-child, friends, family, and business associates. Stone’s background as a former psychoanalyst, home, business, and life organizer has given her experience in different mental and personality health challenges and how those can affect relationships and resolve them. Her relationship building programs draws from her broad knowledge of human interpersonal challenges and emotional blocks, Stone’s creation of life and relationship remedies, and discusses how best to handle every relationship type and situation.

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Stone’s technique of having a “good picker” simplifies identifying which relationships are worth pursuing and which ones you want to keep at a distance. The most robust relationships always start with oneself, understanding and knowing what you truly value in life, what makes you happy, self-care, being organized, good communication skills with yourself and others, and a healthy belief system. Understanding oneself leads to a better understanding of any personal challenges that may disturb relationship processes with others. Having a “good picker” also depends on having criteria for ideal relationships. Picking the correct family, friends, and peers to engage is manageable for a peaceful and rejuvenating experience rather than laced with drama and chaos. Choosing people to associate with based on your understanding of their strengths and personal challenges is optimal for easy-going and helpful relationships.


Improving parent-child relationships is about having guidelines, responsibilities, and consequences for your children. It is optimal to establish healthy boundaries, follow-through, attentive to their dreams and goals. Allowing your children to know their self-worth and helping them hold the importance of criteria for the relationships they have is important for their well-being and autonomy. Improving your relationship with family and friends depends on having a standard for what you want in that relationship. Business relationships are similar to that of relationships with your children. Having a better relationship with your boss, coworkers, or employees requires boundaries, rules, consequences, communication, shared feelings, and validation.


Mental and personality health challenges affect relationships and life itself. When not addressed with an understanding of the interpersonal dynamics, it will cause tremendous weariness and dissatisfaction. These prickly and unpleasant health disturbances will get in the way of productivity, intimacy, interactions with others, and dreams and goals. Mental health and personality unruliness can be overlooked and not addressed, leaving unhealthy behavioral patterns to play out, causing upset and havoc in most situations. However, we often find ourselves faced with people of particular personality challenges that disrupt our life, happiness, and goals. To understand these obstacles, Stone has created fourteen different interpersonal challenges and how they will impact individuals, families, and businesses. She then explains how to help people heal these maladaptive aberrations that disturb their relationships with others and severely damage a chance of living a fulfilled life. Stone has developed a test through her business I-Deal-Lifestyle Inc. that is a highly accurate check of the fragments of mental and personality challenges within the psyche, which will create maladaptive behavior patterns throughout life when not addressed. Once a person understands what innate personal challenges are causing them the most difficulty, they will learn how to replace them with healthier traits and see themselves clearly, while connecting to their inner voice, dreams, and goals.


The fourteen personal challenges Stone has identified are: boundary, rebellious, unbalanced, motivation, ego, obsessive, fear, memory, addiction, nervous, attention-seeking, dependency, rigid, and detached. Stone has posed difficult personality blocks into commonplace non-threatening, and defined challenges. With some intervention, strategy, and desire to heal, any person disturbed by negative interpersonal health aspects can become a healthy life/relationship participant. The solutions for having a healthy, well-rounded character are simple, and a person can take a turn for the better quickly, efficiently, and with confidence.


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