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Solvent Traps are legal cleaning firearm accessories. However, you cannot modify, alter or redesign a solvent trap into a device for silencing, muffling, or diminishing the report of a firearm without first filing and receiving back from BATFE an approved Form 1. Be sure to use caution and be aware of the restrictions and regulations before purchasing a solvent trap kit if you plan to use it for anything other than a cleaning device. 

Solvent traps can also be purchased legally without a Form 1, as they trap byproducts and waste. This makes it easier to properly unload your solvent and avoid the usual mess that can come about with routine cleanings. This process not only saves time but also prevents damaging and staining to surfaces from the cleaning process’s byproducts, such as floors, counter-tops.

When cleaning your firearms, it only makes sense to have the best possible solutions at your disposal. It makes the cleaning process more efficient without having to waste more time on solvent cleanup and spend more money on additional cleanup supplies. At the end of the day, you will find your life to be much easier with the proper tools at your side to successfully clean your firearm leaving your area spotless. With some of the highest quality, most well-made solvent trap kits and accessories on the market, Armory Den is here to help make any firearm cleaning routine easier than ever before!

America’s Best Solvent Traps

Solvent traps are attachments that use cups to catch excess cleaning fluid. Solvent traps are a “firearm accessory” as such they can be attached to the end of the barrel, with an adapter, as a cleaning accessory, and are not considered as anything other than an accessory because a projectile, or bullet, cannot pass through the tube without modification.

Often confused with the similar-looking silencer, solvent traps offer the ability to better capture fluids during bore cleaning and other maintenance processes. Within Armory Den’s catalog, there are several options to choose from. There are product offerings to fit a wide range of different firearms, all of which are constructed from durable high-quality materials that will last for years, opposed to products lasting one or two uses during regular wear and tear. Additionally, their superior products are built for performance and customization, each with their own benefits. Better yet, the catalog offers server flexible and lightweight solvent traps which can be configured to your desired length. These products are designed to last and intended to get the job done, a promise that Armory Den backs wholly. 

As a company that works to provide only the best products possible, Armory Den is always working to expand its inventory to serve their loyal customers any way they can. Because of this, the inventory is regularly expanding to suit a wider range of firearms. All Armory Den products are not only affordable and high-grade but constructed with aircraft quality aluminum and grade five titanium, ensuring the structural integrity and overall durability of the products exceed all expectations with a focus on quality and product longevity. As an American company, Armory Den works to always provide the best solvent trap kits, firearm accessories, and more for its amazing base of customers and wholesale clients. As a trustworthy brand, Armory Den is here to ensure you get the products you need when you need them, designed to your specifications!


About Armory Den

Armory Den is committed to providing a wide range of high-quality and durable solvent trap kits and accessories to customers, nationwide. They strive to produce the best performing products possible with the highest quality materials available, ensuring the investment made by customers is always a viable one. 

Armory Den recognizes that a large percentage of its customer base (outside of firearm owners and enthusiasts), is comprised of American veterans, striving to always do right by those who have done so much for this country. Veterans can simply fill out their form on the Veteran’s Den area and instantly receive 10% of all purchases for life! With affordable products that don’t skimp on quality, customers can count on Armory Den to consistently provide superior solvent traps and accessories across the board. Moreover, their product line includes additional converters and adapters so their customers can convert their solvent trap into a universal product allowing them to attach it to a majority of their firearm barrels.

Customer reviews support this, showcasing the close bond this veteran supported company has made with their clients. There is nothing but positive feedback and praise from the firearm community, marketplaces, and firearm auction sites. When choosing Armory Den, you can rest assured knowing you are in good hands and in good company – That’s the Armory Den guarantee!

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