Artist ‘The First Abstronaut’ Has Tokenized Drawings as NFTs That Will Physically Land on Moon July 2021


USA, April 14, 2021 — First Abstronaut, a renowned digital artist who is breaking boundaries by sharing tokenized, ephemeral, and futurized art with individuals worldwide, this week made headlines by placing the first NFTs on the moon.

By sending two different images in a capsule via NASA that will be placed on the moon in July 2021, First Abstronaut is demonstrating what is possible with the arrival and expansion of the NFT art market.

“Both the images as well as the certification itself will be on the moon,” said First Abstronaut. “MrBeast, during the month of February, gave us an opportunity to put a picture of anything on a hard drive that will be sent to the moon with NASA. It’s basically an original lunar capsule, and it now contains two of my NFTs that are going to change the blockchain market forever.”

First Abstronaut also owns the First Pepe Moon NFT, that will also be making its way to the moon. Labeled as the ‘rarest of all rare Pepe art,’ this Pepe NFT will break meme records and redefine what it means to be a digital artist in 2021.

For certification purposes, First Abstronaut confirmed that his real name is on the certification inception Moon NFT for verifiable security reasons.

First Abstronaut has stated that he is open to negotiations and partnerships, and is passionate about building a community around the future of NFTs. He concluded by stating the auction starts at 10 Ethereums for his NFTs. As he said, ‘any offer is appreciated.’

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