Aunua Heroes & Aunua Academy to Host 24 Hour Youth Education Summit


Join the Youth Education Summit to CHAMPION Youth, Quality Education and Good Health & Wellbeing

On 18th September 2021, Aunua Academy and Aunua Heroes will host the very first 24 Hour Global Youth Education Summit (Y.E.S.). The virtual conference, hosted on Facebook at will consist of 24 hours of talks, presentations, music, awards and inspiration from youth, families, educators and leaders from around the world.

We’re living in a world where humanity is asking: “how do we navigate the challenges of Education and Wellbeing in this new season of learning, living and leading?”.

Aunua’s mission is to Inspire and Empower one million young learners by 2030.

Karina Murray, Co-Founder and Joint-CEO of Aunua Global, says, “This conference will act as an opportunity to give a voice to our young people”.

Rich Mullens, Co-Founder and joint CEO of Aunua Global says “We are delighted that Aunua will be hosting a world-first event championing Youth, Education and Wellbeing”.

The dialogue established in this event will lead to future seminars by the organisation.

Anyone interested in attending or speaking at the conference, can RSVP at


For further information, or to arrange an interview with an Aunua Spokesperson, please contact RICH MULLENS ( or KARINA MURRAY (

Notes to Editor:

About Aunua Heroes & Aunua Academy

Hello, we are Aunua Heroes and Aunua Academy (Part of the Aunua Global Family) – We’re living in a new world where humanity is asking, how do we navigate the challenges of Education and Wellbeing in a post-pandemic world. Our mission is to INSPIRE and EMPOWER 1 million young learners by 2030 to grow their inner hero and build a prosperous future for people and the planet. As part of our Global Community development plan to realise our vision, we are promoting a Youth Education Summit to CHAMPION YOUTH, Quality Education and Good Health & Wellbeing