Author C.R. Wrath Offers Mental Health Support Through Books and Instagram


(San Diego, Calif.) For those struggling with depression and anxiety, the poetry works of C. R. Wrath are a source of support and encouragement. Wrath is the author of hit poetry books Mom I’m Sorry and Dad Please Don’t Go, which are both available on Amazon and at Barnes & Noble. Wrath invites those struggling with mental health to read his books and follow his official Instagram page for encouragement.


Wrath is a mental health enthusiast who cares deeply about the mental health of children and adults. “It is my goal and duty in life to help children and adults know that no matter what they are going through, they are never alone,” explained Wrath.


“I myself have battled in the past with depression, anxiety, self-harm and more,” Wrath added. “And know that it is never easy, but suicide is never the answer. So please take every word that I write as a hug from me to you, because I don’t care what size, color or sexuality you are. All I care about is if you are a good person, and I want to see that good person in you live many more years. Remember, you are never alone.”


If you are seeking more words of support, follow C. R. Wrath on his Instagram or read one of his poetry books, Mom I’m Sorry and Dad Please Don’t Go. For those interested in hiring Wrath for his writing skills or even collaborating with him, he welcomes inquiries through his email,

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