Award Winning Indie Short Filmmaker Hosts Two Virtual Premieres for Hard-Hitting Dramas


Richmond, Virginia – August 24, 2021 – The virtual premiere of two award-winning dramas will be held on August 26th and August 29th with the full cast in attendance.

Leading indie short film production company Ron Winston Entertainment is thrilled to debut “The Color In Your Eyes” and “When We Prey On Them”. Both films examine achingly relevant social issues and remind us it’s easy to judge perspectives and situations without having personally experienced them. 


“We are delighted to announce the August dates to host virtual premieres of our two latest films: ‘The Color In Your Eyes’ and ‘When We Prey On Them’. Both films have earned substantial praise from critics and have won several prestigious awards. We are positive our upcoming films will touch your heart and make way for a memorable cinematic journey,” stated popular indie filmmaker, Ronald Dillard Jr.

Both films were written by Ronald Dillard Jr. and produced by Ronald Dillard Jr. & Shirod Greene. 


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“The Color In Your Eyes” – Thursday August 26, 2021, at 6:30 p.m. EST
– Directed by Ronald Dillard Jr., the movie stars Will Vehrs, Morgen Wellens, Ryan J. Wilson, and Dale Leopold.
– Won the Best Short Film Award (under 30 minutes) 

“When We Prey On Them” – Tuesday August 31, 2021, at 6:30 p.m. EST
– Directed by The Greene Brothers, the film stars Ronald Dillard Jr., David Milks Ryan J. Wilson, Aaron Stein, Raymond Ritzau, and Dale Leopold.
– Won the Best Short Film Award (under 40 minutes)

In light of pandemic restrictions, these film premieres are virtual to ensure audience safety.  


About Ronald Dillard Jr.

A Virginia native, Ronald Dillard Jr. is an African-American writer/playwright/director/actor and producer with a background in theatre. In 2008, he finally founded Ron Winston Entertainment LLC since he had produced, directed, and written two theatrical productions, six shorts, and two feature films by that time. Ronald is also the creator and soon-to-be showrunner of three television shows: two one-hour dramas and a half-hour dramedy.

List of awards won by “The Color In Your Eyes” and “When We Prey On Them”:

London Indie Short Festival
When We Prey On Them – Best Short Film

CKF International Film Festival
When We Prey On Them – Best Short Film (under 40 mins)

CKF International Film Festival
The Color In Your Eyes – Best Short Film (under 30 mins)

Hong Kong Indie Film Festival
A Monster – Best Short Film

Cannes World Film Festival
When We Prey On Them; Best Actor – Ronald Dillard Jr. 

AltFF Alternative Film Festival
A Monster; Best Screenplay – Ronald Dillard Jr. 

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