Award-winning V-Juice – thinnest inductive charger for smartphones, tablets and others – will be presented at IFA in Berlin on September 8th, 2019


9-8-2019: IFA, Messedamm 22, Berlin, Germany, Hall 26 – IFA next, booth 310c:
V-Juice presents its interior design compatible and stylish inductive chargers.


5 exclusive features of patented V-Juice:

  • V-Juice is the world`s thinnest inductive charger with only 1mm
  • V-Juice is self-adhesive, but can also be easily removed
  • V-Juice is available in many colors and patterns
  • V-Juice is charging gently
  • V-Juice is compatible with all QI-certified devices


Due to its discreet functional design, it fits very well into the interior design of an apartment or office.

Installed at “natural resting places” of the smartphones, it is gently charging them during their “rest period”.

Smartphones from a multitude of companies (Samsung  – Apple  – Google  – Huawei  – LG  – Nokia  – Sony – Xiaomi – ZTE – VERTU – Motorola – Microsoft – Medion – Caterpillar – HP  – Asus and others) are able to be charged wireless.

Devices not equipped with wireless charging can be upgraded with an adapter.


V-Juice’s vision is to become the next big thing after “free WIFI” by installing a large number of V-Juice charger stations in public areas, public transport, bars and restaurants, true to the motto: “eVerywhere Juice” – V-Juice.

Installed in e.g. a bar, equipped with an advertisement or brand logo of a sponsor for identification, V-Juice is the ideal promotional item:

  • Active recognition of the logo of the sponsor – the user is searching for the logo
  • Positive association of brand – the brand is by offering free power solving the biggest issue of the user at the moment
  • (Enough) time for an impulse buy – the time required to recharge the battery

Concepts for point of sales and eMobility are also in development.


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IFA Berlin (Messedamm) is besides CES Las Vegas (Las Vegas Convention Center) the world’s leading trade show for consumer electronics and home appliances.

QI Logo and brand are property of WIRELESS POWER CONSORTIUM


Contact information:

V-Juice, Tilman Roeder, Emil-Geis-Strasse 33, 81379 Muenchen, Germany