“Aztec Warrior God”: Superhero Series Thrives During Pandemic


Inspired by the mysteries of the Aztec Empire, a mix of history, legend, and modern superhero dynamics, the critically acclaimed graphic novel series “Aztec Warrior God” is already being compared to Braveheart, Lord of the Rings, and Marvel’s Avengers.

The project was originally conceived and written in 2009 by David Towner but put on the back burner to focus on less complex projects. However, the Covid-19 pandemic presented a unique scenario that enabled Towner to assemble a virtual creative team to make his concept a reality.

The story begins during the final days of Hernan Cortes’ assault on the Aztec empire. Huitzilopochtli, the god of war, withdraws the surviving members of society into the underworld to escape their inevitable demise. He then designates 13 immortals to lead their society to greatness and establish peace and prosperity on earth. One powerful warrior, Amoxtli, later nicknamed “Aztec” by modern society, will lead the cause.

To guarantee authenticity, 100% of the project’s art team is in Mexico, including a collaboration with 3D Studio Mexico who is creating animated promotional content and the band Cemican who provides music for their digital content. This series is illustrated by some of the most talented artists in the world and positioned as a genuine competitor to mainstream comic franchises like Black Panther and Wonder Woman. Superhero and comic fans as well as culture enthusiasts are already clamoring for the series but it’s also attracting tremendous interest from a very diverse audience around the world. In the first six weeks after the project announcement, the team has amassed a fan database of 1.5 million subscribers and over 20 million engagements throughout 40 countries.

The initial series, including the first edition “Emergence”, will be a four-part series that takes the protagonist from the fall of the Aztec empire through the most iconic moments in world history. it’s a great mix of history and fantasy with an added dimension that the reader might not expect while immersed in the narrative.

Two years in the making, the book’s pages have been meticulously inked and colored. After receiving thousands of requests, Towner engaged a third party to sell the artwork to the public and has sold tens of thousands of prints. “It didn’t even occur to us that we could sell the art prior to the release of the graphic novels but we are extremely grateful and honored by the enthusiasm of our fans”, Towner said during a recent interview.

The series is female-centric, with eight of the thirteen ensemble heroes being women, and features supporting characters from multiple indigenous cultures and tribes including Navajo, Inca and Cherokee.

“Aztec Warrior God” will be available in stores and online in July 2021. The release party is scheduled at an off-site event, coinciding with Comic-Con 2021 in San Diego, California. It will be a first-class, celebrity attended event, featuring authentic Aztec ceremonies and an interactive panel with the project’s Creators, Writers and Artists.

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