Babie Bandz Explains The Struggles of Dealing With Past Abusers


Abuse is a term that is common in many single-family households. Children of all ages are experiencing abuse and so much more at the hand of their parents. Kakeithia Jones (Babie Bandz) like so many other children expirenced sexual abuse at a young age from her parents which continued throughout her life.

Parents play such an important role in their child’s life. They are suppose to provide a safe environment for their child. That was not the case when Jones was growing up. “My mom failed as a parent to do what she had too” says Jones. Jones unfortunately had to experience sexual abuse from her father at a young age. “When I was 4 years old that is when it started, when I started being sexually assaulted” Jones says. The parents that were meant to protect and nurture her did nothing but destroy and break a little girl. “I remember feeling like I was alone,” Jones says. That is a lot to endure as a child.

Growing older Jones had more than one abuser but multiple in her lifetime which is sad to say. “My past abusers, there are so many of them,” Jones says. The second abuser came in the form of her step father. “My step father sexually assaulted me when I was 13”, says Jones. Reaching out for help since her mother was not listening, Jones calls the police as her last resort. “I called the police and my momma wanted me to lie” says Jones. Being sexually assaulted comes with hard life decisions. Jones became pregnant after so much abuse. “It was definitely rough, got pregnant and ended up moving out”. At this moment Babie Bandz is born.

Pushing through the abuse and adversity, Jones finds music. Jones dove into music and never let her abuse mute her sound. Babie Bandz was created which is Jones stage name and she has not turned back since. “I do not like to let that block me in life” says Jones. Music is a way to convey your life, feelings, and experiences, and Babie Bandz does just that. “How I cope with these situations is through my music,” Jones said. Babie Bandz sound is unique and carries her music in a beautiful way through to her fans.