Babie Bandz Lists Her Top 5 Artists of All Time


Born and raised in Green Bay, Wisconsin, single mother of 4 ( 3 boys & 1 girl) Kakeithia Jones is a talented artist. Starting at the age of 7 years old, Kakeithia was already into music at a young age because of her mother’s fiance. Kakeithia’s soon-to-be step-father at the time needed samples of kids’ voices for his own music, which began Kakeithia’s music career. Thereafter everything just took off with it and definitely became instantly intrigued with every aspect of music.


At the age of 23 years old, Kakeithia Jones has set multiple goals for her music career to reach higher heights. Setting goals are important for Kakeithia in her music career, but connecting emotionally, physically, and intellectually with fans through music is the biggest aspect. “My goal is to make music people can connect, vibe, and have FUN listening to, ” says Kakeithia. Opportunities for upcoming artists like Kakeithia are very limited so she decided to build her own path and break down barriers other top artists have unlimited access too. “There’s no one door of opportunity you have to build one. That’s my main focus building a door of opportunities for not just myself, but all aspiring artists from unrecognized states and cities” Kakeithia says. Truly inspiring to share the opportunity she created for herself with other upcoming artists, Kakeithia is a real genuine artist that cannot be replaced.


Major influences in music have crafted Kakeithia’s own unique sound. When asked what were some of Kakeithia’s top 5 artists of all time that influenced her she had a lot of generational favorites on her list. Not in any particular order Kakeithia mentions Lil Baby, Eve, The City Girls, Chris Brown, and Missy Elliot. Eve being a powerful hip hop artist back in the 90’s played an important role in Kakeithia unique sound. “She’s powerful, and a good mentor to women. Her songs speak to me on a women to women level” said Kakeithia. Another female pioneer mentioned is Missy Elliot who has paved the way for a lot of female artists. Kakeithia thinks of her as an iconic artist in any generation that is why she was a big influence. On the male side Chris Brown being such a huge music mogul, can be any artist’s influence on music. “He’s on his way to becoming a legend,” says Kakeithia. Emotionally Scarred by Lil Baby is a favorite song of Kakethia’s and it is very relatable to her life and music. As well as the City Girls who have a “straight turn up, and kick it vibe” said Kakeithia. Being a great artist comes with great inspiration and for Kakethia it has developed her own unique sound into something beautiful and a vibe.