Baltic Beauty Cosmedical Centre Introduces eMatrix™ Skin Resurfacing to Clients


April 12, 2021 ­- The Baltic Beauty Cosmedical Centre philosophy of offering clients the latest in skincare technology in a luxurious, private setting now includes the innovative eMatrix™ Skin Resurfacing system!

For years, clients with ethnically mixed skin have been unable to partake in certain light-based laser skin rejuvenation treatments due to the elevated risk of hyperpigmentation. This is because light-based laser energy is absorbed by pigmented cells containing melanin, which increases the incidence of light or dark patches of skin becoming visible. eMatrix™ solves this problem by being the first fractionated radiofrequency laser device of its kind.

Radiofrequency (RF) energy is not absorbed by pigment-producing cells, making RF thermal energy a safe and effective alternative in laser skin rejuvenation, lowering the risk of hyperpigmentation side effects to a mere fraction. eMatrix™ works by bypassing the epidermis altogether, delving deeper into the tissues to enhance collagen and elastin production and significantly remodeling skin’s internal structures.

eMatrix™ uses fractionated RF technology to create a matrix of controlled micro-injuries, prompting the skin’s healing response and growth of collagen and elastin fibers. The stronger the network of these fibers, the firmer, smoother, and more youthful looking skin becomes. eMatrix™ is recommended for the improvement of fine lines and wrinkles, sun damage, acne scarring, enlarged pores, superficial skin lesions, uneven tone and texture, and it can tighten mild skin laxity.

This highly customizable skin rejuvenation system can treat skin concerns as mildly or aggressively as patients and providers desire. The more aggressive the treatment, the more dramatic the results. Or patients may choose milder rejuvenation in multiple sessions to minimize redness and swelling following each treatment with a cumulative improvement over time.

The results are unquestionable. Clients of all skin types and ethnicities are candidates for this advanced technology, and improvement begins after a few days of healing. Collagen and elastin fibers, however, take time to rebuild and repair, so clients report continued improvement for up to 5 months after treatment with eMatrix™. Diminished wrinkles, smaller pores, lightened sun damage, and smoother texture—including where acne has scarred the skin—are all successful results with this FDA-cleared treatment. eMatrix™ results may last for up to 1 year before any additional maintenance treatments are necessary to prolong skin’s radiant, silky smooth appearance beyond 12 months.

The Baltic Beauty Cosmedical Centre is where affordable luxury intersects with the art and science of beauty for an unforgettable client experience. With services ranging from traditional hair, nails, waxing, and massage to state-of-the-art medical aesthetics treatments from highly trained and certified professionals, there is no other clinic like it in the Fort Lauderdale area. Clients can relax in the opulence and privacy of a world-class spa and medical centre for the latest in advanced aesthetics rejuvenation.

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