Ban All Government Ministers From Pubs and Restaurants Over Nurses Shocking Pay Offer

ban boris johnson from pubs

In2town Lifestyle Magazine is calling on all Pubs, Restaurants, and entertainment venues to ban all Government ministers over the insult to NHS workers.

In2town Lifestyle Magazine has been so shocked with the insult pay offer to NHS workers they are calling on their readers to ban Government Ministers from their Pubs, Restaurants, and Entertainment venues.

More than 230 NHS workers died during the COVID19 pandemic leaving loved ones behind, and millions of other NHS workers suffered from increase stress and mental health issues. Now, after Boris Johnson and Matt Hancock spent almost a year saying we should protect our NHS, they then kick them in the teeth with a 1% pay rise.

Since news of the insulting pay offer, In2town Lifestyle Magazine has received more than 6,000 emails from angry readers calling the pay offer an insult. Those readers have asked In2town to show our support and publish a story showing our support, but we have gone further than that. We are now launching a campaign calling on all pubs, restaurants, and entertainment venues to put posters in their window saying all Government ministers are banned from their premises. We want this ban to be kept in place until the Government shows the NHS workers who put their lives on the line respect and increase the pay offer.

The Government wasted £522 million on the Eat Out campaign, but they never once thought about the nurses and NHS workers who were putting their lives on the line. This morning could have been used to support those keyworkers.

We fully support NHS workers going on strike, and we also hope that at the next General Election voters show their disgust and unite and show Boris Johnson the door.

In2town Lifestyle Magazine is hoping our campaign will change the Government’s stance on the pay offer. As well as banning Conservative MPs, we also want to see those that support the NHS to get on their Twitter account and repost “Respect Our NHS and Increase The Pay Offer or Resign” and send the tweet to Boris Johnson, Matt Hancock, and all Government Ministers

Details of our campaign are here


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