Bari Tarantino purchases exclusive rights to over 150,000 musical works.


Bari Tarantino has purchased exclusive rights to a catalog of music containing 150,000 musical works. The acquisition of said musical works took place on October 23rd 2020 by using a site known as “Royalty Exchange” a marketplace where musicians can sell musical royalties and investors can purchase rights to music by using an auction platform system.

All records have been cleared and are fully ready to be monetized through Digital Streaming Platforms (Tidal, Spotify, YouTube etc) and Publishing Right Organizations(ASCAP BMI). Bari Tarantino is a musician/rapper from Chicago Illinois, in September of 2020 he released a track titled “10k” showing off his lyricism and by making a purchase like this he is now showing off his Savvy and Innovative Business sense as well.

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