BAS-IP Obelisk Awarded as Best of the Best “Design Concept 2021” by Red Dot


Obelisk – a device for safe access to residential compounds, centers, and closed areas – received the highest award in one of the largest international competitions, Red Dot, as Best of the Best “Design Concept 2021.” This award recognizes revolutionary design.

Obelisk is made as a monolithic composition, which looks like a pedestal, and has an integrated external intercom system powered by artificial intelligence. The perfect combination of technology and unusual look helped Obelisk win the Red Dot “Design Concept 2021.”

“Our goal was to develop a technological device, with an ecological and unusual look, well suited to any modern architecture. Obelisk looks utterly different from any built-in intercom solution. By introducing this design, we wanted to set the trend for such solutions. And our design department nailed it perfectly.” – says Olga Shamilova, CEO BAS-IP group.

Obelisk can be produced using metal or other materials such as wood, granite, or even grass. The use of various finishing materials can make it almost invisible, or vice versa, make it stand out in modern rooms or offices.

This device remembers all residents and regular visitors. Using deep learning technology, Obelisk recognizes a person’s face in a matter of seconds and provides access to the territory or premises to verified users. It has a built-in voice control system for a more convenient and secure interaction, a contactless button for communication with a concierge, and many other features.

Obelisk is an indispensable tool for residents, office workers, property owners, and security companies.

Obelisk is a stand-alone device with an advanced modular design, which comprises a range of innovative solutions. Unlike most embedded intercom systems, which heavily rely on compact components, the Obelisk form factor allows for the use of the most functional components regardless of their size.

This device is not limited to providing access to premises for property owners or protecting them from uninvited guests. It also ensures a comfortable authentication process.

Authentication can be done with the help of a code, an access card, face recognition, a smartphone app, Bluetooth, a QR code, or a one-time URL. For enhanced security, Obelisk uses flexible multi-factor authentication. For example, when installed in an enterprise, the device can control access by matching the card with the visitor’s face. In residential compounds, you can leave a temporary access code to a courier and check it later with their identification document (ID).

BAS-IP is a British international company founded in 2008. The company is involved in designing and manufacturing digital access systems for residential and commercial premises. BAS-IP operates in 57 countries and has offices in 6 of them. The company’s main focus is the development of high-tech solutions for the security, convenience, and utility of IP intercom systems.

The Red Dot Award is an international competition for communication, product and concept design solutions. It is a globally recognized quality mark in the world of design innovations. Winning the Red Dot award is a testament to design and innovation leadership that reflects the organization’s innovation capabilities in sustainable design.

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