BAYM is destined to become a powerful digital asset that will broaden the digital horizon for wealth generation


MALAYSIA, March 4, 2021 The digital assets space is rapidly evolving and innovations are taking over the world everywhere digitalization makes contact. BAYMENT helps bring the world of digital investments within the reach of its investors.

The BAYMENT DIGITAL WORLD era brings together every type of digital asset into one platform. Finance, currencies, trade, education, business, social networks and all types of digital assets coupled with their significant benefits and wealth multipliers.

BAYMENT’S DIGITAL WORLD will be one of the largest digital assets eco-systems by the year 2030 and it will be energised by the BAYMENT or BAYM token which in turn is powered by the GRYPS Blockchain and promoted by Digital World Pte. Ltd.

The innovative and empowered DIGITAL WORLD opens up the frontier for limitless opportunities for tech-savvy and non-techie entrepreneurs. Investors can invest in the BAYM digital token and draw the wonders of wealth generation in the DIGITAL WORLD to their very fingertips.

According to the CEO of BAYMENT, Lionel T., “The BAYM token is the digital token that powers the DIGITAL WORLD’s global assets. These global assets range from eCommerce platforms to mining to digital finance platforms. This global ecosystem of value will create more digital assets, making the BAYM token the conduit for a stable investment mode, medium of transaction as well as a powerful digital asset for the DIGITAL WORLD’s global business ecosystem and provides avenues for greater wealth. DIGITAL WORLD offers numerous opportunities that will help communities change their lives for the better and grow their wealth in such a way that they become Masters of Wealth.”

“We envision that BAYMENT will be one of the top cryptocurrencies that will be traded on global crypto exchanges with a DIGITAL WORLD community of 10 million by 2030.”

He further added, “We are striving hard to make DIGITAL WORLD available to all the users. BAYM is available globally for every type of person, whether they are abreast with technology or come from non-technical backgrounds. Our investors will be retailers, entrepreneurs, venture investment providers, NGOs, Digital World members, future Blockchain projects and much more.”

“The critical digital assets where investors can seamlessly use the BAYM token are the Digital marketplace, online gaming and entertainment, liquid mining farms, digital assets investment, digital talent, businesses and digital services. The fund allocation for the BAYM wallet’s tech and platform development is significant at 35% which is a testament to our commitment to BUIDL (cryptospeak for BUILD) BAYMENT’S DIGITAL WORLD for our investors. There will only a total supply of only 500,000,000 BAYM available of which only 250,000,000 will be in public circulation.”

About BAYM Token
BAYM or BAYMENT is a world-class digital asset token for the DIGITAL WORLD marketplace across communities everywhere. It will help investors of all backgrounds become Masters of Wealth. The BAYM token is being made widely available in South East Asian countries and the African continent as a priority. To know more about BAYM tokens, please visit

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