Be informed of what’s going on and how it affects you directly


Yesterday the Bodegueros of Philadelphia came together to learn about the laws that City Hall is considering and would be devastating to our small business owners, to ALL business owners, not just the Bodegueros.

There we were, the Bodegueros Association, The Small Business Union and Telemundo, filming and making news of the event.

Franklin Medrano was the master of ceremonies and Jimmy Duran, who is representing the Latin American community, spoke of 16 laws that are being considered by the Philadelphia government, of which 4 will directly affect the small business owners’ pockets. In the past, the small business owner has been the last one to know, and when he’s found out it has usually been too late.  Not anymore.

It is a tragedy that after we, the small business owners, have rescued the abandoned buildings to put our businesses in, have invested our own money in the process, and have rebuilt our communities without the government help, it is the government that decides, without asking us, what we (they) should do with our profits.

Thanks to the efforts of many, we are coming together and are starting to educate ourselves on the things that directly affect us and the power we have to reshape our destiny.

Because together we are unstoppable…

Stay in touch so we can let you know about the next meeting… and the future march on City Hall…

The Union always supporting  all the Bodegueros of Philadelphia…