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As the daughter of a female entrepreneur and first generation immigrant, it was natural that Mary Dee aspired to have her own business one day. And right out of the gate, she was a 6-figure earner in her first venture out of corporate in her early 20’s. Flash forward to 2018 after catapulting another business to 8 figures in just 12 short months and she found herself in the sticky web of the FTC. Digital advertising and compliance came into question and the next thing she knew, all her assets were frozen and she was being sued by the Federal Trade Commission. “It was a really expensive lesson and I felt completely blindsided,” Mary says, but it left her with knowledge and experience that she now brings to the growing number of corporate clients working with her new business, The MADLOVE Agency. “I help other business owners with their strategy, their planning, and their people. I have a three-step process that I go through with each and every client. A big piece of it is leadership and that’s the part that I am most excited about,” she says. “Leadership has a lot to do with relationships and relationships are my jam. Connection is where I prefer to spend my time and my focus; and that connection fosters trust which gives me the opportunity to work with ordinary businesses so they can be extraordinary.”


Mary’s other unexpected lesson came from having and beating breast cancer at the same time she was going through the lawsuit. She found a community of women also affected by breast cancer who supported her and, now that she is on the other side, she is grateful to be able to support women who are seeking answers and community as they navigate breast cancer. All of her current work is influenced by the two crises, the lawsuit and the cancer, and how she overcame them. “One of my best friends came to me and said, ‘I know you’re going through a lot right now, but I also know you, and we should really think about what the next chapter looks like for you.’ That was a really great positive message at a time in my life where I was a little frozen for a minute.” It gave her the inspiration to look beyond what was happening in the moment and reconnect with herself. “I love this quote, which I think most of us have heard: Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you respond to it. Life happened and I chose to respond to it with resilience and a renewed sense of purpose.”


Read more about how Mary Dee re-created her career—and how she deals with the Google search results about the lawsuit that will follow her forever—in the inspiring new book Asian Women Who Boss Up, co-authored by Tam Luc, author, educator, and podcaster dedicated to helping women “boss up.” This collection of interviews with highly successful Asian women reveals how they have overcome obstacles and stereotypes, pushed past self-imposed limits, and defied expectations imposed on them by others, often their parents. This book is a master class of entrepreneurial advice and personal development guidance for any woman in search of role models who show that, yes, you can live the life of your dreams. 

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