Believe You Have Been Mis-sold an Investment plan?


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What Is a Mis-sold Pension and How Does a Claim Work?

A mis-sold pension generally indicates that you were offered unsuitable suggestions, the dangers were not discussed to you or you were not given all the info needed to help you make a firm choice and this ended you up with a pension financial investment that is not ideal for you.


In short, a mis-sold pension claim is a way to hold parties responsible for giving reckless monetary advice and claim settlement for the danger or losses that advice may have triggered.

Your mis-sold pension journey might have started with a sales call or an internet enquiry. Possibly the next thing a sales representative came in your home, or maybe somebody was knocking on your door with documents for you to sign.

You may have been informed this was the very best thing you could do for your pension and that your pension would be much better off in a Self-Invested Pension Plan and you need to move to ‘Maximise Your Pension’. It was not unusual to be provided money incentives for doing so.

Whoever you were dealing with, generally an introducer as they were the driving force promoting mis-sold pension scams, might have come across as a professional, offering you no reason to question the recommendations and details you got. It is understandable if you felt like you might trust all the companies involved in the transfer of your pension.

Typical sign pension mis-selling:

  • You can’t access your pension money.
  • You have lost some or the majority of your pension fund.
  • You wish to leave the high-risk unregulated financial investment however cannot.
  • You wonder what has occurred to your pension.
  • You might have been mis-sold and like the thousands of people that have been through exactly the very same– claim back your mis-sold pension losses today.

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