Best Technologies of 2020


               Despite the struggles encountered in 2020 in various industries, technological evolution was still a constant feature in various industries. The year 2020 was further evidence of the rapid speed of technological advancement targeted towards providing new solutions and growth opportunities to a struggling economy.

Artificial Intelligence has been termed as the future of technology, but in 2020, the claim was evident to see as AI was underlined as the most dominant technology. This was because of the wide adoption of AI as a service, which was utilized in a variety of industries. The utilization of AI applications via service-platforms became increasingly popular, and this has set a direction for future technology.

5G technology was one of the best trends in 2020 because of its impact on how the world connects and communicates. The unified nature of the 5G network and its high speeds have the capability to affect every single industry. Compared to previous network models, 5G involves negligible latency, and it was widely adopted in 2020.

Virtual reality/ augmented reality has been in existence for a couple of years, but it was one of the technologies of 2020 which reach extended beyond the world of entertainment. The application of the technology in training and simulation was a sign of its future application in various areas.