Best way to quarantine? Build LEGO Fighter Jets

LEGO fan offers Downloadable Fighter Jet Building Instructions during Quarantine

Dublin, OH – March 26, 2020 – With much of the world sheltered in place, what better time to pick up some LEGO and build with loved ones? Today, BLOCK Jets, a custom LEGO model building company, announced it has converted its entire library of LEGO Fighter Jet sets into downloadable instructions to let those at home build some of the best fighter jets ever!

“Getting back into LEGO as an adult over the last few years has shown me that, indeed the possibilities with LEGO are endless!” says Matt Jenkins, owner and creator of “What began as innocent tinkering, soon morphed into an idea on how I could fund and restart my LEGO hobby while generating some extra cash for my growing family. I started making custom LEGO kits of football and baseball stadiums, and selling them on Etsy. They have been a hit – and with over 3,500 sets sold in 5 years – I wanted to branch out and build some fighter jets.”

As those stuck at home seek activities and adults look to new indoor hobbies – enter BLOCK Jets. Started by Jenkins, as a side-hustle in 2017, he hopes to provide a re-entry into the hobby for adults, and make sets that are easy enough so anyone can build them. “I wanted to make sure these models weren’t overly complicated or too expensive – I feel like this is an under-served niche in the LEGO hobby, and hopefully some LEGO and fighter jet fans will like what I’ve designed.” 

BLOCK Jets sets fall into one of two categories – Full Size and Mini. Full Size Jets are between 130-250 pieces, and allow for a LEGO minifigure to take controls in the cockpit. The Mini Jets are constructed using 80-90 pieces, with a display stand and make for a fun, quick build and a great display item. “I am very partial to both the Mini and Full Size Blue Angels set – I used Dark Blue or Earth Blue as LEGO calls it- to recreate my favorite jet,” Jenkins said.

With Covid-19 forcing many to remain homebound, Jenkins has turned all sets into digital downloads available for purchase. “I’ve included instructions, a parts list, and also a Bricklink XML file – that can be used on – the go-to destination for buying new and used LEGO online. The best way I can describe bricklink (which was recently purchased by the LEGO Group) – is a patchwork of thousands of mom and pop LEGO stores, selling mainly excess LEGO in almost every color and quantity imaginable. Simply upload the BLOCK Jets xml file to bricklink, and the website runs an algorithm to choose the stores that have the best cost on the LEGO parts you need. You then checkout with paypal, and the stores ship LEGO direct to you!” Jenkins had said most Mini sets can be procured for less than $10 on bricklink, while the full size sets will most likely cost between $15-30 – depending on where you purchase from.

“I have always loved fighter jets – and some of my best childhood memories involve going to the Cleveland Air Show with my Dad. I am very excited about the potential of BLOCK Jets, and hope others will enjoy building these sets,” Jenkins said.

Full Size LEGO Instructions are available on for $8.99, while smaller Mini Jet sets are available for $3.99. A few custom sets are in stock as well- and range from $19 to $69, and feature free shipping to US customers.

About BLOCK Jets

BLOCK Jets, based in Dublin, OH, is a 1 man operation run by Matt Jenkins. My goal with BLOCK Jets is to create affordable, high quality Custom LEGO fighter Jets for LEGO builders of any age. Be sure to check out and follow @blockjets on Instagram for updates.

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