Bestselling author Anastasia Locklin on empowering highly sensitive people to heal from intergenerational trauma by unlocking joy and reclaiming unconditional self love


As a bilingual Black and Latina therapist and a highly sensitive person, she draws from her own journey through intergenerational trauma to guide others on their healing paths.

Anastasia Locklin helps highly sensitive women come back home to their highest selves by witnessing and mirroring their beauty, magic, and intuition back to them through therapy and holistic healing modalities. The founder of Unlock Your Joy Therapeutic & Counseling Services, she reminds her clients that “the goal of this lifetime is not about adopting the truths of others. As highly sensitive people we have incredible gifts to bring to the world. We have a gift of empathy, we have strong intuition that guides us and is always in our favor. We have hearts of gold, and we are full of love and depth. Our possibilities are endless because we yearn to live a life of meaning and create beauty and love around us.”

She is able to share these insights—especially with women from biracial or multicultural backgrounds—because she is a highly sensitive person who identifies as Black and Mexican. “My specializations have stemmed from my own desire to heal the wounded parts of me that I disconnected from due to shame and fear as well as my own intergenerational trauma I have chosen to work through in this lifetime and will continually dedicate myself to aiding others in theirs so as a collective we can experience healing and step into our purpose.” she says. “I really wanted to be the person that I wish I had through my journey of  education, self discovery, and healing.” 

While not speaking for the entire Black or Latinx communities, she explains that “sometimes family dynamics when you are multicultural are very non-conventional. In my instance, there was a more significant disconnect that I had with consistency and connection with my Mexican side of the family due to the intergenerational trauma specifically around mother wounds, toxic relationships within family dynamics, and substance abuse. I believe my Mexican side of the family struggled silently for a long time because in their generation and in my family lineage that’s just what you do. You get through it, and move on, and you don’t talk to anyone about your feelings. You have no other option. You don’t show the world weakness because it’s not safe. Going to a therapist wasn’t really a priority because survival and security was the main focus.” 

At a young age she also realized that her own role in the family, as the oldest of four children, required learning “how to make everything okay,” she recalls. “It became a thing for me just to make everything okay at my own emotional and mental expense. As a child, I didn’t know that’s what I was doing.” Now she understands the effect that role of “toxic parentification” had on her and she is able to help others understand their roles in their families and how those experiences continue to have an impact in adulthood. 

She is gradually seeing more acceptance of issues of mental health and is hopeful the focus of healing will continue to grow as a priority in Black and Brown communities. “When a womxn heals herself she heals herself, heals all the womxn who came before her and all the womxn who after her,” Anastasia believes. “Healing is what we have come to do as our soul’s purpose and be apart of in this lifetime.”

You can read much more about Anastasia Locklin’s story and her advice for bicultural women stepping into their own power in the inspiring new book Latinas Who Boss Up. “These boss ladies are truly inspiring, sharing their breakthroughs and triumphs for all of us to experience,” says author, educator, and podcaster Tam Luc. “Latinas Who Boss Up taught me more about a mix of cultures that I never stopped to examine. While our origin stories vary, we all experience life in full color and must navigate our circumstances. These beautiful women represent the world of Latina Supermamas and I am so happy to introduce them to you.”

Find Anastasia on Instagram @anastasialocklin, @Unlockyourjoytherapyinc and @rootedhealingcollective. You can also learn more about her at, where you will find a link to Latinas Who Boss Up. 

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