Bestselling author Annie Hardock: “Once you know your goal, every decision is easy.”


New book reveals the joys and struggles of 18 Asian women entrepreneurs
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Back when she was a new mom, Annie Hardock knew she didn’t want a traditional 9-to-5 office job. She wanted a job where she could control her time and stay home with her son. It was the early days of the internet, and Annie’s first days in a new town, but she launched a business networking group and an online business in local internet advertising. The networking group is still going strong (23 years later!) and the advertising business took off. Then, when her son was in high school, she started a new venture, teaching kids “mental math,” giving them a solid math foundation for school. 

“I started a home-based business after my son was born because that’s the type of life that I wanted to create then,” Annie says. “I didn’t want to be working for someone else. It’s my product, my service. When we know the type of life, the quality of life that we want to live, that’s what we work toward.” Having a clear vision is step one. “Once you know your end goal, your vision or the type of life you want, then every small decision that you make becomes very easy,” she explains. “Because then you’re saying, well, if I choose A instead of B, will it get me closer to what I want or get me away from what I want? Many people struggle with what are actually really small decisions, but they become very big decisions for them because they don’t know where they’re going.”

This strategy worked for Annie again when the pandemic hit. With her son now grown and living on his own, she had been considering shifting her business from delivering math programs in a physical location to delivering them online. In fact, she’d already been researching virtual education platforms and had selected one just before her province in Canada went on lockdown. Her new vision for her lifestyle is one of the frequent travels (pandemic permitting, of course), so once she shifted that goal, her day-to-day decisions became clear. “I actually love being able to connect with children and help them to advance in education. So now I have this opportunity to serve even more students,” she says. “I can deliver this program online and I can teach students anywhere. And that’s what made me excited throughout the pandemic because my vision just got bigger and bigger.”

She has one other piece of advice to share with other entrepreneurs: When confronted with naysayers, consider carefully whether or not they are the people you are trying to reach in the first place. “You might be talking to the wrong audience,” Annie says. “It’s very important for entrepreneurs to have confidence in themselves. If you don’t have a strong belief in what you’re going to do, you will be swayed by others. Lots of times we don’t really see ourselves in terms of the value that we have.”

Read more about how Annie’s childhood—as one of 9 kids growing up in Hong Kong—influenced her drive to become financially independent in the inspiring new book Asian Women Who Boss Up, by Tam Luc, the author, educator, and podcaster dedicated to helping women “boss up.” This collection of interviews with highly successful Asian women reveals how they have overcome obstacles and stereotypes, pushed past self-imposed limits, and defied expectations imposed on them by others, often their parents. This book is a master class of entrepreneurial advice and personal development guidance for any woman in search of role models who show that, yes, you can live the life of your dreams. 


Annie’s educational program is online at “We help parents cope with the challenge of keeping their kids engaged, especially online and especially for young children,” she says. Her three-step guide for transforming kids into eager learners is free for download at


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