Bestselling author Cielo Prischak on being present in the moment – without judgment


The former therapist turned emotional intelligence coach advises women to be aware of their thoughts and beliefs: “They form your reality.”

Cielo Prischak has always been fascinated with human behavior, so she took her bachelor’s degree in psychology and got a great job working in human resources as a big tech company. HR means working with people, right? As Cielo found out, a lot of the time it really doesn’t. So, she faced a choice: Climb the corporate ladder or go back to school?

She chose school and earned a master’s degree in Applied Clinical Psychology and then began work as a therapist in both individual and group settings. She loved the work, but she quickly burned out in the agency environment. “Burnout is so real and is experienced at an alarmingly high rate in healthcare fields,” she says. “I experienced tremendous burnout until I realized I had the tools I needed to recover from and prevent burnout in the future. I started to truly implement in my own life the concepts I was teaching my clients, specifically mindfulness, stress management, and emotion regulation. This is when I developed such a deep appreciation for mindfulness and emotional intelligence.” 

After further training, she became a certified emotional intelligence practitioner and mindfulness and meditation teacher. She now coaches others to utilize mindfulness and increase their emotional intelligence in order to unlock their potential without burning out. “I love teaching people that mindfulness simply means being fully aware of the present moment without judgment or attachment to that moment,” she says. “Mindfulness is accessible to everybody. You can practice it anytime, anywhere, and it will help manage your stress levels.”

Read more about Cielo’s work and her experience growing up in two cultures in the inspiring new book Latinas Who Boss Up. “These boss ladies are truly inspiring, sharing their breakthroughs and triumphs for all of us to experience,” says author, educator, and podcaster Tam Luc. “Latinas Who Boss Up taught me more about a mix of cultures that I never stopped to examine. While there are many things shared between women of color, I also learned a few nuances that make me appreciate the Hispanic diaspora and their varied experiences. I interviewed women whose roots are in Mexico, San Salvador, the Dominican Republic, Chile, and more, from East Coast to West Coast. While our origin stories vary, we all experience life in full color and must navigate our circumstances. These beautiful women represent the world of Latina Supermamas and I am so happy to introduce them to you.”

Cielo is on Instagram @cielo.prischak and you can also learn more about her at, where you will find a link to Latinas Who Boss Up Post-Pandemic. 

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