Bestselling author Elizabeth Yang learns to live in the moment—without giving up future goals


New book reveals the joys and struggles of 18 Asian women entrepreneurs who traveled many different paths to create their best lives

USA, February 25, 2021 With her career in engineering under way as planned, Elizabeth Yang decided to enroll in law school just to understand the legal system better. “We all might end up in court someday,” she thought, “and it’s better to be prepared.” But when she got her law degree, she also got a job offer—from a prestigious global firm looking not just for a new lawyer, but a lawyer with an engineering background. Elizabeth was the perfect fit for the job.

And the job, at first, was the perfect fit for Elizabeth. That is, until she became a mom. She knew 80-hour weeks would mean someone else would be raising her two children. “I won’t even get to know them,” she thought. She had to make a change, so she took a leap of faith and launched her own small law firm. Now she sets her own hours. She can drive her children to their afternoon activities, have dinner with them, and get back to work after they go to sleep. “I realized it’s not about future goals, it’s about the present. Now my ‘why’ is just to enjoy the journey day by day, moment by moment.” Meanwhile, her future goals are still being realized as her Southern California law firm’s client list continues to grow, and she is able to expand her team of lawyers and nurture their careers.

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