Bestselling author Vibha Sharma: “What you focus on, you create.”


New book reveals the joys and struggles of 18 Asian women entrepreneurs
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Spiritual and Mindful leadership coach Vibha Sharma first turned to meditation after she moved to the U.S. from India with her husband and missed her family back in India. They were a deeply connected family, and she worried about her aging parents’ health. “I started reading about spirituality and how to make myself stronger from inside,” she remembers. “I read about the truth that our life is eternal, that we don’t go anywhere. I started meditating regularly and this practice of meditating totally changed me from inside.” Now, Vibha shares the revelation of meditation with her clients. 


“I always tell my clients you can meditate for several reasons. The basic reason is simply to deal with your daily stress. The second is for manifesting. You can manifest the thing you focus on, because you energize it. What you focus on, you create. The third is your spiritual growth, understanding your connection with the universe, with the creator, and ultimately enlightenment.” While some clients want to embark on this spiritual journey, many simply want to feel more at peace. Others find that a regular meditation practice helps them in difficult personal as well as professional relationships, for example with bosses or coworkers. “They bring me all the situations,” Vibha says. “I tell them that, deep down inside, you need to check with yourself and how you view and value yourself. Through many exercises and a couple of months of work, they are able to change their mindset. When you change from inside, everything changes on the outside for you.”

Vibha shares more of her insights in her best-selling book, Turn Within: Reconnect with Your Inner Peace and Wellbeing, which is available on Amazon and at She also offers many options for group and individual Spiritual, Mindfulness coaching, training and consultations and guided online meditations at For those who believe they “can’t” meditate, Vibha offers a simple way of thinking about it: “Meditation is not about doing anything. It’s about undoing. How difficult is undoing? Spend some quiet time alone, just attending to your own presence and accessing and experiencing this life.” 

Read more about Vibha and her journey to become a very successful Spiritual and Mindful Leadership Coach including how she overcame her guilt about not being with her father when he passed, in the inspiring new book Asian Women Who Boss Up, by Tam Luc, the author, educator, and podcaster dedicated to helping women “boss up.” This collection of interviews with highly successful Asian women reveals how they have overcome obstacles and stereotypes, pushed past self-imposed limits, and defied expectations imposed on them by others, often their parents. This book is a master class of entrepreneurial advice and personal development guidance for any woman in search of role models who show that, yes, you can live the life of your dreams. 


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