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Bibl.Games’ Roblox GoFundMe Launch – An Innovative Path to Family Bonding & Spiritual Growth for Kids Learning the Bible in Roblox

Austin – October 11, 2023 – Bibl.Games on Roblox, a groundbreaking nonprofit initiative designed to address the pressing issue of children learning the biblical principles while fostering family togetherness, is set to revolutionize the way we learn the Bible. In a world where young minds grapple with anxiety, depression, fear, and a lack of confidence, this innovative approach aims to empower children to express their emotions and navigate life’s challenges in a fun and unconventional way.

By gamifying the learning process and encouraging self-expression through role-play and interactive experiences within the game, children gain valuable insights into their emotions, learn emotional regulation, and build the confidence needed to tackle life’s hurdles.

Donate to the Bibl nonprofit organization today to bring the bible to life in Roblox:

Many children find themselves on the brink of despair, making timely intervention crucial. Bibl.Games on Roblox bridges the gap between parents and children by meeting them where they are – in the realm of online gaming. This platform facilitates open communication, strengthens family bonds, and guides them on a transformative journey from pain to joy.


The current shortage of quality family time and the cohesion within family units contribute significantly to the challenges faced by children globally today. To effectively motivate children, it is essential to engage them on their terms and interests. When children are motivated, their productivity increases. The primary objective is to promote the well-being of children. Research has shown that the risk of suicide is higher among isolated children who lack a sense of belonging to their parents or a community. To address these issues, we are implementing two initiatives aimed at enhancing children’s health: fostering stronger family bonds and imparting timeless biblical wisdom in an enjoyable manner on Roblox. This educational approach equips them with essential life skills to better navigate the challenges they encounter alongside like-minded peers in a verified safe community, all striving for similar goals.

Moreover, Bibl.Games offers a lifeline to children who may otherwise be unable to access healthy, loving envirement that is unconditional in care and encouragement. Parents and families can use the game to identify areas where a child’s confidence needs nurturing and issues need addressing. This gamified approach not only helps children express their emotions but also provides the support necessary for emotional and mental flourishing.

Bibl.Games on Roblox is poised to become a mainstream public resource, offering a fresh perspective on children learning the bible in an environment where they learn best and are motivated. It aims to unite families, foster resilience, and equip children with the skills to confidently face life’s challenges.

At the core of this exciting endeavor is the fusion of faith, fun, and a unique Bible experience brought to life on Roblox, one of the world’s most popular gaming platforms. With 66 million daily active users, Roblox provides the perfect stage for this spiritual journey, rekindling the essence of family time that may have faded over the years.


For creator Joshua Johnson, the inspiration for this concept stems from personal experience. Reflecting on his own childhood journey in the Awana program, designed to motivate children to memorize Bible verses, Johnson states, “If I memorized a verse for a quarter, it may have been worth just enough for a piece of candy, but the impact on my spiritual growth was priceless.” This sentiment is a driving force behind the initiative, aimed at giving back what was received from the Word of God. Bringing the verses to life was always inspired by VeggieTales, a cartoon brought to life on screen teaching biblical principles with the same desire for bibl to create immersive experiences to role play instead of just watching them on TV.

Research has shown that immersive experiences lead to better long-term information retention. This aligns perfectly with the goal of memorizing the Bible, which brings peace, joy, and faith to those who engage with its teachings.

The ultimate objective of Bibl.Games is to empower families to embark on a shared spiritual journey, symbolized by the imagery of the three-strand rope—a powerful symbol of unity and strength. Just as two strands are nearly 50 times stronger than one, three strands combined are nearly 100 times stronger. By embracing this concept, families can enhance their bonding time, reaching out to the younger generation on gaming platforms like Roblox, with Fortnite and Minecraft next on the horizon.

This initiative extends beyond the digital realm, seeking to collaborate with church leaders to incorporate this innovative approach into Sunday School programs and home settings. The curriculum is being initially customized for Austin Ridge Bible Church in Austin, Texas, where Joshua currently teaches sunday school with the hope that other churches can utilize the blueprint tailored to this vibrant community. The initiative promises to complement and enhance existing programs, offering families the option to an exciting and engaging way to deepen their faith together.

In an ever-evolving world, our approach to age-old traditions must evolve as well. The bible is timeless, never altered but the medium in which the truths are brought to life now comes off the paper as an immersive experience. Bibl.Games on Roblox promises to make learning scripture an exciting and collaborative experience for families, ushering in a new era of spiritual growth and togetherness.

Each month a new Bible story game will be released. Follow the link below to join the game:

For media inquiries, interviews for Joshua Johnson,  or further information please contact Angel Howansky at 310 497-0989 or


Please find it in your hearts to support this effort with a donation to Bibl nonprofit organization:

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Phone: 310 497-0989
Country: United States


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