Offers Best Support To Their Bisexual Female Members


Summary: “ is known as the safest dating site for bisexual women, who are encouraged to come up and enjoy their rare sexuality through this site. All safety measures are taken to support and safeguard the interests of these women, making their privacy fully secure on this website.”

Bicupid is a renowned dating site that works solely for bisexual men and women. It has now more than a million singles and couples, who are explicitly bisexual. Often it is seen that women feel shy to acknowledge in public about their rare sexual choice, for which they may be embarrassed to join such dating sites. So is the best site for these bisexual women, as it ensures to keep their identity secret, till they want to reveal their personal information to some chosen members for dating.


Special support offered to bisexual women by Bicupid


  • The personal information and uploaded photos of the female members are never shared with the other members, for keeping their identities secret. So they do not need to reveal their sexual nature in public while dating their chosen bisexual partners. Advanced privacy settings on this website enable these bisexual women to have control over the viewing of their profiles created on this site.
  • The women can enjoy full support from the customer care services provided by Bicupid, where they receive guidance about choosing suitable bisexual partners on this site. As all singles and couples enrolled here are bisexual, the female members do not need to feel embarrassed in contact with anyone of them.
  • There are several articles posted on safety tips and dating advice on, which have been proved to be valuable for the female members. Moreover, dating advice may be shared by different bisexual members on the forums of this site, or in the form of blogs posted on their social networking sites. All these suggestions are also useful for the new female members of this bisexual dating site.
  • If the female members feel shy to search for suitable dating partners, Bicupid has started a new feature called “Let’s Meet”, which is a sort of Tinder-like game. It brings forward a large number of photos of all suitable dating partners, which the viewer can either ‘Heart’ or ‘Skip’, as per their choice of ideal dating partners. When it is found that both partners have chosen each other’s photo with the ‘Heart’ sign, then they are given the chance of chatting with each other.
  • The members are also helped in personal dating with their chosen bisexual partners, as Bicupid provides definite dating ideas under the categories ‘Food and Drink’, ‘Art and Culture’ and so on. Thus, the female members can feel more comfortable in dating, by availing the safe suggestions offered by this dating site.
  • Any sort of scam or offensive messages or pornographic photos sent by other members should be reported to the website immediately. So the bisexual women have no reason to feel insecure while dating on this site.


Therefore, now the bisexual dating is more enjoyable for the female members of Bicupid, due to the immense support provided by this website.