Bidding Goodbye to Unsanitariness with Equinox Cleaning


April 26, 2021 – In dealing with dust particles and bacteria, be it cleaning bathrooms or windows, Equinox Cleaning does it all. Unsanitariness is not something this dirt bulldozing Company condones nor appreciates. One may even say that they are its worst enemy.

Equinox Cleaning is a company that is a resident in New Jersey and prides itself on the impeccable quality services that it has to offer. The Company has specialists devoted to cleaning those pesky surfaces until they are bright enough for one to see their reflection in them. Equinox Cleaning has made a name for itself and continues to be successful when it comes to providing customer satisfaction and the best cleaning services available in New Jersey.

Dating back to 20 years, the Company hasn’t slacked off. It is a pioneer Research and Development (R&D) cleaning company. The Company also innovates in disinfecting products that are sure to be gentle to the environment while simultaneously being hell for those dirt and grease spots. Equinox Cleaning is committed to preserving the Earth with the help of its products. Its latest EPIX 360 provides a one-year guarantee and covers surfaces up to 4000 square feet. The objective behind this spray is to eliminate dirt and bacteria particles while ensuring that the environment is not exposed to harmful contaminants.

Equinox Cleaning came into existence intending to help others. It is a family-owned business that offers quality assurance services to its consumers. A company initially built on trust and good faith has become famous for its services in a short time span. When the Company cleans client’s premises, leaving them spotless, it all offers them tips on maintaining hygiene. This includes paying significant attention to frequent touch points, as they are the most contaminated items on the entire premises.

Another outstanding thing about Equinox Cleaning Company is that they provide a safe working environment for their employees. This is part of the reason why the employees at Equinox are so motivated and energetic. They are part of a community that values and appreciates their talent. The result is a prim and meticulous workspace.

Equinox Cleaning knows that they aren’t the only hygiene freaks in the world. Therefore, to satiate the thirst of such other enthusiasts, they have made their blog posts readily available. The purpose is to read them and take motivation from the unique yet efficacious cleaning mechanisms that the Company uses.

Equinox Cleaning also has Facebook Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts. The primary motive behind these social media accounts is to promote closer relationships with its consumer base. How they achieve, it is through unveiling new, effective, yet harmless cleaning processes and strategies. The strategies are a sure way to eliminate dirt, grime, and bacteria that may be contaminating the client’s workspace. When the deal is about cleaning, then Equinox Cleaning is truly a master.

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