Binge Eating Expert Marisabelle Bonnici To Be Featured In Women Who Boss Up Book Series


With the COVID-19 pandemic seeing a rise in anxiety, many people are resorting to binge eating to deal with the stress and frustration of the situation. Diet and health expert, Marisabelle Bonnici, is set to share her own experiences with overcoming binge eating as she features in ‘The Secrets of Success From Women Who Have Leveled Up’ section in the upcoming ‘Women Who Boss Up’ book series.

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to grip the globe, many people are experiencing a rise in stress, anxiety, and frustration. This pressure is seeing many turn to binge eating to find some comfort amongst the unknown. This eating disorder can be incredibly dangerous, and health and diet expert Marisabelle Bonnici knows first-hand the hazards it brings, overcoming her own binge eating habits and transforming her life.

A former pharmacist, Marisabelle, battled with self-esteem throughout her life, using binge eating as her mechanism to cope with stress. In 2017, weighing 150kg, she knew she needed to change and began turning her life around. Selling her pharmacy, she turned her focus to studying eating disorders and now dedicates her life to helping others to overcome their eating disorders.

Marisabelle has shared her experiences and tips to deal with stress without resorting to binge eating as part of ‘The Secrets of Success From Women Who Have Leveled Up’ in the Health and Wellness section of the Women Who Boss Up book series. This new series will be launched in August 2020 and contains edited manuscripts from podcast interviews with some truly inspirational women, who have all been able to break the mold and overcome significant challenges and achieve success.

Speaking ahead of the book launch a spokesman added, “Marisabelle’s story is an incredible example of overcoming significant challenges and transforming your life for the better. Her achievements are truly inspiring, and she’s now dedicated to helping others to do the same, which is particularly relevant in the current global situation we are living through.”

Since news was released about the new book, it has gained worldwide exposure. It is set to become a global success, helping tens of thousands women around the world.

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