BioEconomy Solutions Announcing a New Fundraiser to Plant a Tree and House US Military Veterans


Buckley, WA – BioEconomy Solutions today announced a new fundraiser #Trees4Vets Turning Planting Trees Into Housing Veterans. “Every dollar you donate will be used to support our green initiatives to plant MegaFlora tree forest in high need areas around the globe, and 5% of the proceeds from the fundraising will go to building tiny homes for veterans. It’s that simple!” says Michael McCleary of BioEconomy Solutions.

BioEconomy Solutions is harnessing the power of the MegaFlora Tree created by Dr. Ray Allen in a crowdfunding campaign to raise money to help house the estimated 37,000 homeless U.S. military veterans in tiny homes built through the Veterans Community Project out of Kansas City, KS.

“Fighting climate change and serving homeless veterans are two problems you can help fix today,” says McCleary.

The Amazing MegaFlora Tree:

• Sequesters 4 time more CO2 than other trees (large leaf size)

• Can be planted in high density and offers a short rotation –it matures in just 5 years to 80ft tall

• Helps with green job creation and grows the economy

• Regrows from the stump (coppice) after harvesting, so there are no costs or need for replanting

Backers of the Trees4Vets fundraiser can either receive a MegaFlora tree to plant themselves or donate trees to be planted by the BES and Ray Allen forestry team in one of two reforestation areas:

• MA’ANA (Maoli Aquaculture and Agriculture Native Assistance) – Molokai Hi

• Easter Island Foundation – Easter IslandIsland of Molokai Hawaii #1


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About BioEconomy Solutions (BES):

BioEconomy Solutions develops eco-friendly, sustainable agricultural crops for biofuels, feed, and people. Most recently BioEconomy Solutions won a contract to supply feedstock vegetable oils for the EU biodiesel fuel market, and just got approved to have that crop added to the ISCC European Union materials list.

ISCC is a globally applicable sustainability certification system and covers all sustainable feedstocks, including agricultural and forestry biomass, circular and bio-based materials, and renewables.

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