Blacc Cuzz – Drops a Beat with the Gritty Tales on His Latest Single, ‘Intro’


Pennsylvania – January 2019 – Taking advanced street lessons into the business world Blacc Cuzz is a CEO who cut out the middle man and fully invests his talents and rewards back into himself. This message of continual hustle and focus seeps through with each song, inspiring to anyone with passion whether they are in the bleak world of streets or a board room trading stocks. Blacc Cuzz shows that the grind doesn’t stop for any man.

Blacc Cuzz, the music artist hailing from Pittsburgh PA, transports the listener right to the trap with the gritty tales on his latest single “Intro”. The artist who states he will soon be known as ‘the voice of the streets’ documents his dark journey in detail over heavy 808s, stuttering hi-hats, booming trap drums and an ominous piano melody accented with haunting chimes. The vivid street tales are brought to life with each verse, the MC and CEO who shook a federal indictment in his late teens and who had a brief stint behind bars while facing a homicide case – which he briefly alludes to in the first verse- takes the listener on a wild ride through the streets. With infectious flows and intricately crafted choruses and hooks, Blacc Cuzz creates unforgettable songs perfect for his entrepreneurship-focused business mind to promote.


About Blacc Cuzz

Blacc Cuzz’s musical influences come courtesy of the guys from his neighborhood who served as big homies. Artists like B.G., Soulja Slim, Yo Gotti, Boosie Badazz, Gucci Mane and Jeezy inform his sound like a rapper. “A lot of my old heads that were around, that’s the music they used to ride to,” Blacc says. “So when we jumped off the porch, that’s the music that helped us keep the structure as a young gangster. Those artists were talking that shit we were living.” His rhymes are dreams mixed with reality. The hard-nosed tales of making a name for himself in the streets are what attract listeners to his growing musical catalog. Blacc doesn’t pull any punches when speaking on the highs and lows of days gone by. Yet, his approach isn’t all dark and dreary. He’s just as optimistic about the good days he’s having now and the bright future he has ahead in music.

Blacc’s earliest intentions for music didn’t include him being an artist. Instead, his first incursion began when he invested hundreds of thousands in another local artist. While the situation didn’t pan out as expected, Blacc soon realized there was no better fit for the type of artist he wanted for his record label, Dream Big Empire, than the man in the mirror. Going on tour with Eightball and MJG opened Blacc’s eyes to a potential career as a musician. Blacc signed himself as an artist and committed to figuring out the music business as an independent MC and CEO. Armed with a charming smile and magnetic personality, he’s made fans out of the people. The raw honesty and captivating narratives are what keep people hooked to Blacc’s work. His main goal as an artist is a simple one: “I want to be known as the new voice of the streets.”

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