Black Mansion Design Studio Warn Against Rookie SEO Mistakes – Nicholas Ingram


Nicholas Ingram, the founder of Black Mansion Design Studio has said millions of website owners are damaging their websites by simple SEO mistakes.


The founder of Black Mansion Design Studio, a leading all-in-one marketing company that provides services including SEO Optimization, Logo Design and Branding, Social Media Marketing, and Email Marketing services to name a few, has warned about Rookie SEO Mistakes.


Nicholas Ingram whose company helps business owners to gain online exposure and increase their brand has said tens of millions of people are damaging their websites through using what is known as Black Hat SEO techniques. These techniques which are against Google Policy are causing their websites to be banned or their rankings dropped.


According to Nicholas Ingram, tens of millions of small business owners believe hiring an SEO company is expensive and that is why they are making common Rookie Mistakes. However, SEO services are longer expensive, especially when using the services from Black Mansion. Nicholas Ingram and his team have seen first-hand the damage that Black Hat SEO techniques damage websites and that is why he has decided to launch a campaign to make more people aware.


The common Rookie Mistakes include:


Stuffing a website with Bad Content – Some website owners believe filling a website with lots of content no matter how badly written it is can help boost a website ranking. This is not the case. It is about quality rather than quantity. Filling a website with badly written content and uninteresting content can damage the business brand and Google ranking.


“The content has to be relevant and well-written. It is so important to only put on a website quality written content that will engage the visitor,” explained Nicholas Ingram.




Plagiarism is one of the biggest problems with new websites. A lot of website owners are looking to fill their website with content and instead of employing professional writers or taking time to write quality content, they visit other sites and take their content. This is a common mistake with new blogs. This is not only copyright theft, but it can also damage the website through duplicate content.


“Google is looking for websites with original content. They will not rank a website high in their search engines if the website is displaying content that can be read elsewhere,” explained Nicholas.


Buying Links


Avoid buying low-quality links according to Nicholas Ingram. A lot of website owners believe that the more links they have pointing to their website the better. However, low-quality links with low Domain Authority and low trust can cause serious damage to a website. It is important that website owners only have quality links pointing to their website.


Black Mansion has become a leader in its field. They have a policy of providing affordable services to their customers with a mission to providing their customers with maximum exposure. They provide a complete branding and marketing service including website design and copywriting services.


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About Nicholas Ingram

Nicholas Ingram is a serial entrepreneur and founder of Black Mansion Design Studio. As member of Boise Metro Chamber‘s Small Business Advisory Council, Nicholas advises and empowers Boise small business owners with creative consulting. Additionally, Nicholas brings a high-caliber of multidisciplinary design skills to a professional work environment. He is proficient in every Adobe Suite product, most notably Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe InDesign.


About Black Mansion

Black Mansion specializes in professional creative services. Black Mansion focuses on designing a better-looking future for those who seek the Crème de la crème.