Bloggers Can Make Money Through Link Selling Thanks To LinkDeploy


LinkDeploy helps bloggers earn money from their site by connecting them with adverters who want to buy links.

USA, December 10, 2020 / — There are 600 million blogs in the world according to official figures in 2019. However, less than five percent earn a living from their hard work. That means only around 300 thousand bloggers make a living from their blog, and more than half of those people must supplement the work they do with a part-time job to pay the bills. Now, thanks to LinkDeploy things are about to change.

Most bloggers have stated they are writers and entertainers and not sales oriented. That is one of the main reasons why so many blogs fail. For bloggers with no or little sales experience, or the confidence to sell struggle to approach advertisers to gain revenue from their website. Now, LInkDeploy removes those problems and takes over that side of the business. They help bloggers earn money by finding suitable business owners who would like to pay for links to be added to quality sites.

The company connects advertisers, SEO companies, and businesses with bloggers and those that run a website. The service has been simplified so a blogger can share their blog and website and put it in front of key decision-makers within a few minutes.

Within a few easy steps, bloggers can finally start to earn money from their hard work and achieve their goals of becoming a full-time blogger a reality. All website and blog owners need to do is to visit LinkDeploy and enter their website details. Once they have done that, they can then sit back and let the company do all the hard work and watch the offers coming in.

The new service helps bloggers easily find companies who want to purchase a link from their site. Experts have said that this new service can help improve the failure rate of blogs and allow bloggers to do what they do best.

“We understand that most bloggers are not salespeople, and that is why our service has become so popular. Taking away the hard work of finding advertisers allows bloggers to do what they do best,” explained a spokesman for LInkDeploy

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