BOOK REVIEW My Story About PANS/PANDAS by Owen Ross


Written by, Rachel Avery and Keri Bassman Ross


Reviewed by Erica @ Mobius

“Don’t ever think that miracles can’t happen, because they do. The understanding and acceptance of PANS, PANDAS, and other autoimmune encephalopathies have come a long way since 1998 when Dr. Susan Swedo, Scientist Emerita NIMH, first described the connections between OCD and neuroimmune illness. Since then we have seen a conscious movement of parents, patients, doctors, researchers, and advocates in this community that has brought about real-life miracles for so many; my own children included.” Wendy Nawara, ASPIRE, Founding Member

Children’s Nonfiction, Medical



One of the hardest jobs a parent has is to deal with a child’s illness, and part of dealing with that illness is comforting the child. Every so often, a book is released that can bring solidarity to a child by reading a story about others that share in their plight.

In My Story About PANS/PANDAS by Owen Ross, Owen shares his experience of how he feels emotionally and physically. He tells his story with the help of Dr. Avery and his mother.

Owen describes his treatment and what can be expected. He makes up funny names for the pills he takes, as this adds a little humor to a serious disease, which helps him deal with the process a bit better. Owen gives lots of little tips to other children on how to handle scary things like blood draws and IVIG treatments.

My Story About PANS/PANDAS by Owen Ross is a cute little book with excellent illustrations that all will appreciate and enjoy! Owen provides inspiration and motivation for any child going through PANS/PANDAS. Owen stresses that even though he often feels alone, and no one understands him, his book will give any child with PANS/PANDAS the knowledge that they are not alone.

Although the book does not provide a glossary, a family with a child that has PANS/PANDAS should understand the lingo. If not, the co-authors provided a short resource list in the back of the book for those that are seeking more information.


About the authors: Owen Ross is a 10-year old boy whose hobbies include learning new tricks on the trampoline, skiing, and playing the piano.  With all he has been through, Owen’s kind heart and thoughtfulness have never wavered. Whether its Star Wars history, magic tricks, or a new song on the piano, his passion for mastering new things is remarkable. Rachel Robb Avery, Ph.D. is a Licensed Psychologist with over 30 years of experience treating children and their families. When your child can’t wait to go see her and comes out of a session belly laughing, you know you’re at Dr. Avery’s office. Keri Ross and her husband Todd love being parents to Owen and his two younger sisters.  Their favorite family activity is taking Mac, their golden doodle, to the dog beach and watching the kids run and laugh along the sailboat dotted shore.

My Story About PANS/PANDAS by Owen Ross is on track for winning multiple awards. The book has been reviewed over 10x. Cover art has been awarded a 4.5 star rating by Mobius. Goodreads rating avg. of 5 stars, Amazon rating 5 stars. Comparative title: Germs Make Me Sick, by Melvin Berger and In A Pickle over Pandas, by Melanie Weiss.