Boston Based Publicists Partners With Renowned Hollywood Modeling Agency


Boston Based publicist Leasah Sparks and founder of SparksInk PR has made segue in Hollywood with her latest partnership with The renowned modeling agency Model Mafia.

From music to fashion Sparks is making her mark through innovative marketing. Coming from college radio, Leasah’s 10 year experience has allowed her to show brands the most effective ways to reposition their business. From digital marketing to media strategies Leasah has become a formidable ally within today’s industry.

As of November 19, 2021 Leasah Sparks teams up with Hollywood’s most prestige modeling and production agencies, Model Mafia and the renowned promotional agency the RTP Group for FLASHPASS X: The Influencers Pass.

FLASHPASS X: The Influencers Pass guarantees businesses mass marketing through Model Mafia’s influencers and models. Model Mafia models and influencers have cast productions with Snoop Dogg, Drake, Future,Rick Ross, and more.

The FLASHPASS membership gets you access to Model Mafia’s exclusive events and runways. Model Mafia’s fashion runways and events have captivated celebrities to hire runway participants over the past four years; from Hollywood movie castings to prestige music videos, with an imprint that is now international.

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