Bras, Bootstraps, and the Bible – female military veteran’s story addresses how to overcome racial adversity, leadership, and resilience


Richmond, Virginia USA; 7 June 2020Military veteran and leadership influencer Dr. Antoinette Allen is sharing her unique perspective in the hopes of adding voices to the limited narratives of Black women. In her newly released book Bras, Bootstraps, and the Bible – Stories of Resilience, Allen explains how she used her networks, inner fortitude, and faith to endure.

Dr. Allen recounts how she weathered the many storms of life, as a woman of color and member of the United States Military, and as a woman of faith, growing from strength to strength over time.


Growing up in rural Charles City, Virginia, Antoinette could never have dreamed of what incredible experiences, challenges and achievements awaited her when joined the United States Air Force in 1993. A remarkable career of over 25 years in the service of the federal government including time as a senior manager in the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), a full time faculty member at the Federal Executive Institute and as a military officer in the Air National Guard followed.


Antoinette used her 21 years in the military wisely, developing her skills and acquiring several qualifications including a Ph.D. in Education from Old Dominion University. Her research detailed the lived experiences of senior Black women leader’s in the Federal Government using art, music, and poetry to tell their stories. Allen recounts, “there were very few people who looked like me in the officer ranks and sitting at the leadership table, so I decided to join them.”


Dr. Allen’s passion for healing organizational wounds led her to open Two Cups of TLC, LLC – an educational consulting company empowering client with memorable learning opportunities that incorporate often overlooked leadership topics. She is a sought-after speaker known for encouraging cultures of forgiveness and healing.


“As a woman of color, I have frequently traveled, turned, and stopped at the intersection of race and resilience,” she says, “My exclusionary experiences sparked passion to create connection through storytelling.


“No one can take your story from you or make it theirs. It is your testimony of courage and your personal badge of honor.


Bras, Bootstraps, and the Bible – Stories of Resilience is available on Amazon to purchase at for $12.99 or for $3.33 for the Kindle edition.




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