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212 brings online an allocated item considered by many as one of America’s best bourbons – Old Ezra 7 Year Old Barrel Strength. A full review provided by Breaking Bourbon (, a top industry leader for reviews and release calendar in the Bourbon World.

The perfect bourbon for an authentic, sophisticated, and stylish bourbon drinker! Kept for 7 years with a barrel strength of 117 proof, Old Ezra 7 Year Old Barrel Strength had sufficient time to develop complex, intense flavors. It is a balanced mixture of nuttiness, spicy and sweet. Although it was recently launched, in fall 2018, it is already in high demand. In many stores, it’s sold out and the only chance to grab a bottle is now through an online marketplace.

The ruddy-oak, amber-looking liquid is contained within a bottle with a striking design which features two unique embossments. The bottles are marked with the Ezra Brooks “EB” monogram on the base of the bottle and the Lux Row Distillers logo across the top. The die-cut label with gold and copper foil adornment confers Old Ezra a distinct look.

One of the highest ranked authentic bourbon forums Breaking Bourbon has provided an extensive review to those curious to find out how Old Ezra tastes and if it’s worth the buy. Its fragrance, taste and finish are highlighted in their review

  •     Nose: A very traditional set of bourbon scents consisting of vanilla, caramel, brown sugar, and oak. It’s mild for a high proof bourbon and its aromas are straightforward with no frills. It’s basic and unexciting, yet solid nevertheless. It has a touch of cherry and spice near the end, but it’s fleeting and not at all impactful.
  •     Palate: A surprisingly lively burst of flavor that ranges from sweet fruit to rich caramel and spicy oak. Its heat can get in the way of the flavors at times but doesn’t muddle or suppress them to a detrimental degree. This is a full-flavored affair, with adequate complexity and a very satisfying impact.
  •     Finish: Oak, spice, and dark cherries ride the finish out to its natural conclusion. The heat is long lasting and doesn’t make it easy to forget. It’s a bit too dry and thinner than expected, but thankfully there is a nice pop of vanilla and candied apple near the end that is short, but beneficial.

Breaking Bourbon concludes Old Ezra 7 Year Barrel Strength with an overall statement “This release feels like a time capsule of what bourbon was like earlier this decade. Maybe its rose-colored glasses, but this release brings me back to a time of quality bourbon, at a fair price, capped off with an age statement.” – Eric from Breaking Bourbon. More laudatory words were offered by one of the World’s top spirits’ connoisseurs

In November 2018, Old Ezra 7-Year-old gained more accolades, as it won Fred Minnick’s Best Everyday Sipper award in a blind tasting. The prestigious author and fine spirits judge motivated his choice:

“But then, everything I had hoped for, the complexity you’re always wanting in whiskey—Glass No. 4—brought it. I’m talking baking spice, caramel, marzipan, dried fruit and more. It was complex, had depth, a brilliant mouthfeel and a long-and-engaging finish with hints of chocolate. At first sip, I felt like 4 was the clear winner. But I had one glass to go and needed to compare No. 4 to the rest.
That’s why No. 4 edged No. 2 for my Best Everyday Sipper: While great in nose, taste, mouthfeel and finish, it left me wanting more, wondering what cigar to pair and how a juicy ribeye would taste next to this beast. But it was close enough that I can accurately say No. 2 might win on another day.” – Fred Minnick for Forbes

  • Old Ezra 7 Year Old Barrel Strength Bourbon Whiskey is currently available for purchase at

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