Bugzy Lee presents: Lady featuring Terry G, Great Adamz & Emma


Bugzy Lee is one of the hottest brand names in the world of Afrobeats music. His style sets the bar higher in terms of different influences, colliding beautifully into what could be described as a very unique personal art form. Bugzy Lee started out in the mid-2000s, and eventually grew into becoming one of the leading figures of the Afro scene, also working as a concert promoter and label executive. His sound is unique and one-of-a-kind, featuring elements from genres such as Afro House, as well as Afrobeats, Bongo, Amapiano, and so much more. He is an artist and producer with a creative mindset, and he often likes to collaborate with others in order to create some incredible tracks. Lately, he dropped one of his most ambitious releases to date, “Lady.”

This song is a truly outstanding piece of music, with an organic, flattering sound that highlights the charisma and skills of each and every single person involved in this fruitful collaboration. This release doesn’t get stuck in the usual cliches and genre boundaries, but instead, it is free to float and wander off to many unexplored territories. Having said that, the song is still very easy to relate to and fun to listen to, connecting with music fans of different backgrounds. This release is a perfect example of what it means to balance intelligent songwriting and production, with incredibly appealing and care-free vibes. This is a quintessential modern song with a lot of attitude, and you should be right into it, especially if you are a fan of quintessential Afrobeats music.

In order to bring this song to life, he actually collaborated with many talented artists: Terry G, Great Adamz and Emma. The chemistry between all of these musicians is absolutely undeniable, and there is something quite special about how things happen in terms of balance and focus in this production.

In addition to the quality of the music, the track is also accompanied by an amazing music video, which provides an excellent complement to this incredible sonics.

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