As the nation faces unprecedented levels of stress, Cannovia acts,

50% price reduction


Washington, DC — March 16, 2020 — Effective immediately, Cannovia is reducing the price  of  all  of  its  CBD  full  spectrum  and  THC-FREE  oil  drops  and  Agave  Beverage Powder by 50%.


At Cannovia, we know that this time of uncertainty is creating an unparalleled level of stress  for  almost  all Americans.  Many  of  our  customers,  find  that CBD  products  help them in managing stress, said Brian Baum, President and CEO of Cannovia.


The Centers for Disease Control have stated that the most at-risk population are seniors over  the  age  of  60.  The  proactive  approach  to  protecting  this  population  is  “social distancing”  or  isolation.  Unfortunately,  while  physically  insulating  this  population  from the risk of infection further isolation increases the normal stresses our seniors deal with day  to  day.   Baum  said,  “if  our  products  can  help  anyone  more  easily  cope  in  these unprecedented times of stress, we want to do our part to ensure they have access and cost is not a barrier.”


In speaking to the Nation on March 14th, the President stated “that all Americans have a role in the defeating this virus.” Baum said, “we take this action in the spirit of coming together to help each other get through this together.”


Anyone can visit This price reduction is in effect until such time as the Coronavirus pandemic has officially been declared to have passed.


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