Celebrity Author ‘Belinder Baker’ Premiers Weekly Facebook Live Show Changing Steps



Join in on facebook live as Belinder Baker discusses everything from drug abuse, sex love, reviews on products, addition, home life, children, empowerment, food and more. Tune in on Saturday afternoons at 4:00pm live

The live show ‘changing steps’ is a humorous perspective life experience from Belinder Baker, detailing her short comings struggles and her triumph from the life of an ex-crack and drug addict. Changing steps is the story of what it means to leave the dark path behind. It’s very humanizing to listen to her openness about her past vulnerabilities and insecurities which actually allows her guests to feel at ease with their own insecurities and flaws, being reminded that we are all just trying to figure ourselves out, and how far a bit of patience can go.

“I love that moment when a soul listens to my voice and gets healed” says Baker. I’m not here to fix the lives of my guests, but to provides them with the steps to change their lives, she continued.

Changing steps will start airing from June 9, 2018 at 4:00pm on Punch TV Network KILM in southern California. Check your local listings for ‘Changing steps’ in Columbus Ohio, Pensacola & Jacksonville FL, Houston & Beaumont.

About Belinder Baker

Host of ‘Changing steps’ Belinder Baker is an ex-drug dealer, ex-crack addict and at the age of 16 was a teen mother. The beautiful Baker now uses her incredible life story of transformation to provide hope, healing and guidance to help change the lives of her guests.


For more information, participation and purchasing of her books kindly visit https://facebook.com/events/179320869571680/ or send an email to belinderbaker@changingsteps.org

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