Centerfire Shooting Sports Offering Great Concealed Carry Courses


                                                                            Courses Work With Various Handguns And Firearms

June 19, 2019, Olathe, KS – Centerfire Shooting Sports has quality shooting experiences for people to enjoy in the Kansas City area. Centerfire is an indoor gun shooting range in the Kansas City area that offers many fun activities where people can learn about how to fire guns and work with many unique items. The range especially offers concealed carry courses.

The range offers an assortment of activities for people to check out including concealed carry classes. People can complete a course to get a Kansas or Missouri state license for concealed carry activities. People can complete a thorough plan for shooting that entails firing at various distances. The key focus will be for a person to responsibly and safely carry a concealed firearm.

A concealed carry course can be reserved for $95 on our website or by calling our range. The work involved at Centerfire focuses on ensuring people can work with the best practices for owning and handling firearms.

The five-star status of the Centerfire Shooting Sports range will ensure that people can make the most out of their learning experiences. A five-star facility is one that is properly maintained and managed to ensure that all activities are handled in the best possible way. This also includes ensuring the staff is trained to work to the highest safety standards possible.

The five-star range offers many other appealing things for all to try out. People can rent lanes at the shooting range and work on various shooting activities.

Newcomers who want to learn about how to shoot firearms can take advantage of programs that entail basic firearm training classes. These include the .22LR rifle, the 9mm pistol, and the .22LR suppressed pistol. More advanced shooting activities can involve working with many higher caliber rifles. These include the CZ Scorpion Carbine, AK-47, and FN SCAR 16 rifle.

A participant can shoot at a target and see how well one’s shots can be made. All people who shoot will utilize eye and ear protection in a safe and controlled environment.

People who are interested in reserving a concealed carry class at Centerfire or any other shooting experience can visit for details. The website has listings on all the available courses and times for shooting.