singer Charlotte Eagle Sings

The Denver singer/songwriter’s latest is a beautiful and heart wrenching celebration of Native American Culture.

Inspired by her rich Native American heritage, Charlotte Eagle Sings uses her music to celebrate the wonders of nature and humankind’s ever-changing place in the world. Her spiritual songs and passionate performances carry with them a universal message of love and harmony that allows her to connect with a universal audience. Her latest album, ‘Embracing the Old Ways,’ distills her message into eleven beautifully composed songs.

“The sky is my father, protector of day and night,” she sings on the opening track ‘Our Culture’s Alive.’ Reverence for nature is one of the album’s defining features, as she communes with the elements to find truths within herself. The music itself evokes an endless prairie with its swirling guitars and gentle rhythmic pulses.

Charlotte credits her time living on the Reservation in Lame Deer with her Northern Cheyenne Grandmother for fostering her love of Native culture. On the moody and mysterious ‘I Walk the Red Road,’ she conjures her memories of struggles in days gone by with a spiritual intensity that cannot be faked. She continues this theme on ‘Heartbeat of the Plain,’ in which she paints so vivid a picture you can almost feel the ancient landscape contained within Charlotte’s soulful whispers.

Later in the album, she reimagines ‘America the Beautiful in Cherokee’. A powerful and stirring rendition, she turns the song completely on its axis, transforming it into a testament to the surviving spirit of her ancestors. And while she is capable of saying so much with her words, perhaps what Charlotte does best is a simple universal love song, as she closes the album with a trio of heartfelt melodies full of hope, romance and love.

‘Embracing the Old Ways’ is an album that will penetrate deeply into the spirit of anyone open hearted enough to listen. In these tumultuous times, Charlotte Eagle Sings provides a much needed beacon of light.

‘Embracing the Old Ways’ is available everywhere Feb. 22, 2020