Chartyn, an AI-driven analytics and BI-based platform offers bespoke solutions to help SMBs compete more efficiently


Chartyn is an economical tool that helps SMBs compete more efficiently. They’ve coupled AI-driven analytics and BI-based dashboards to deliver quick, simple and bespoke intel that anyone can tap into from anywhere, any time. It is designed specifically for small business owners. By providing AI-driven insights and marketing leads, it provides an alternative to hiring business strategy consultants.

The value that Chartyn delivers is more apparent in crowded markets as well as markets dominated by big, resource-rich firms. Here, the ability to compete on data helps SMBs attract new clients and retain existing ones. While more resourceful firms hire specialists, Chartyn offers a substitute using dashboards containing business and marketing insights that enable SMBs to make informed decisions on change. Indeed, Chartyn is a BI tool. But unlike competing BI software, Chartyn is both economical and quick and easy to use. 


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