Check Your Breasts Warns Dr. Elizabeth Arena breast cancer specialist from Surgery Group of Los Angeles


Los Angeles, Calif., Aug. 24, 2020 Dr. Elizabeth Arena, a double board certified surgical oncologist for the Surgery Group of Los Angeles, announced today how she and her team are treating breast cancer patients to not only maximize their oncologic outcome, but their cosmetic and holistic outcomes as well.

Dr. Arena and her team achieve this by understanding that breast cancer is a disease that requires multiple disciplines to provide comprehensive care. Using a range of minimally invasive techniques, Dr. Arena understands that achieving the most natural appearing breast while eliminating cancer is the goal. For many women, this includes oncoplastic techniques when  breast preservation is the goal, while others who require a mastectomy benefit from nipple- sparing and skin-sparing surgical techniques. She and her team work with the best plastic surgeons in Los Angeles, to make sure that their plastic surgery teammates are up to speed and ready to perform breast reconstruction at the same time as their breast procedures when needed. Their team also works with the top medical oncologists and radiation oncologists in the city, and coordinate with them to develop the best plan for cancer treatment.

The Surgery Group of Los Angeles understands that with breast cancer, treatment also means support and guidance. Which is why Dr. Arena and her team are here to walk through the process with patients and their families with any questions they might have, from testing to treatment and beyond. They work to develop personalized plans that not just include treatments, but nutrition plans and lifestyle adjustments, all to cater to each individual person that comes into their building.

With this emphasis on teamwork, support, and multidisciplinary treatments, the Surgery Group of Los Angeles meet their patients’ needs head on, and are ready to help improve the lives of their patients and their families.

Elizabeth A. Arena Breast Surgeon Los Angeles

Double board-certified in General Surgery and Surgical Oncology, Dr. Arena specializes in caring for patients with both benign and malignant diseases of the breast. As one of the first ever American Board Certified Surgical Oncologists, Dr. Arena has specific expertise that make her one of the most esteemed breast surgeons in the greater Los Angeles area.


Named one of Los Angeles Magazine’s “Top Docs” in Breast Surgery.

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